Our little series of unfortunate events….

Our little series of unfortunate events….

It has been a monstrous week or so here at Our home. I am sorry things have been slow lately. Sometimes life just kicks you in the butt, swings you around, and rattles you. All you can do is hold on. We have had a series of unfortunate events lately. In no particular order we have had our internet go down because of a faulty modem, two rushed trips to the ER; one for a UTI for Nora, poor girl. And one for Caleb and his dangerous and terrifying need to turn any cold into wheezing and struggling to breathe. A swollen eye from a bug bite, pee everywhere, declined debit cards,  Dale having a birthday (yay!), a hole and leak in a wall in our bedroom window, a wasp nest in our chimney….Like I said, nothing too extreme, but combine it all together and it has been a really hectic and crazy week.

The kids have recovered fine. Truthfully, and luckily they seem to  only remember the highlights. Selective happiness? I don’t know what it is, but I want it. I know in the grand scheme or things that can go wrong, our line of issues was so tiny. But, it still rocked our world with one slap after another. That is what I will call it, not knock outs, just slaps. Life slapped us across the face this week. There were a few times I had the thought of “Whats next?” I asked this and regretted it when I was out shopping for Dale’s gifts with the boys. Gavin had to go potty, he missed the toilet but sprayed all of himself. I run next door with a soaking wet child to get new pants for him. My debit card is declined because it has been changed from Visa to Discover, and they don’t accept Discover card. Guess what my credit card was I had in my wallet? Yep, also Discoverer card. That was just another fun moment to add to my week. See, my series of unfortunate events.
I now know to NEVER ask that question which will not be said. Don’t do it, it is tempting and challenging the universe to show you what else it has. When the dust that was this week settled I had dishes, laundry, late projects, deadlines not met, and Dale and I looking around wondering what happened. I think this was the boy’s attempt to show me all was well in our world, they are all healthy enough to create huge messes.



We discovered Caleb and Gavin are not ready to go nap free yet. This was them, passed out at 4:15 pm on our way to see Big Hero 6. Great movie, great night, we needed the fun.
With all of this chaos it was still time to celebrate Halloween. We made some cupcakes. Yum! Who like emotional eating? Cup cakes are always a win, and do the cheering up job just fine.
And of course made them into bats. Well mutant, scary, terrifying, but still yummy bats.
 We went trick or treating! We had a Fairy, Dragon, and a Tiger along for the ride. This was the night Nora got bit by a mosquito and had a horribly swollen allergic reaction to the bite, on her eye! Mosquito’s in October? This seems wrong. This was the weekend before Halloween. We went trick or treating with my sister in law. It was warm and beautiful. And apparently the mosquito’s enjoyed
the weather too. The following week, Halloween morning it was cold and snowed. Apparently the weather was having a off week too.



This week I am so happy to see come to a close, really it was a rough two weeks. I am looking to the future, a slower, calmer, less jarring and hectic future. A good boring little bit. We of course had some fun, hello Dale being 33! And Halloween! And some trying times, I am starting to accept one of my kids will always be sick. I am sure of it. But, through all of this. The fun, sickness, internet  issues, bugs, antibiotics, what not. We got through it, and we have….
….ridiculous amounts of candy. If chocolate cant help, nothing can. I have lots of chocolate to get me through. Maybe I will let the kids have a few too! I hope your week was better then mine. If not, have some candy and look to the week ahead!



  1. The room filled with toys is hilarious .. so is the pic with the boys crashed in the car! Hope this week is "uneventful." Is this when I should tell you my boys (all of them) are at a tennis tournament and I was home alone with 2 dogs and a paint brush! xo, laura

  2. Oh, I remember those days. I think the only thing that keeps you going in times like that is you have no choice. Things just keep coming at you. Then when it slows down you think of all that happened. It's at that moment that you wonder how you did it all. Then when you look in the backseat at those two little boys all passed out and your little girl sucking her thumb, that's it's a life you wouldn't change for anything.
    Now, the room full of toys, oh my…….just toys, right.

    • Those are such true and wise words. There have been many times I look back on times with my small kids, pregnant with toddlers, potty training. I have no clue how I did it. I am sure the same will be able to be said later. And you are right, I would not change any of this chaos!

  3. Aww, I'm sorry to hear about the crazy 2 weeks you've had. Hope all smooth sailing from here on out for the rest of the year! Kids are resilient and it seems like yours certainly were. You're doing a great job, momma :).

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