“It’s a small world”, 86 square foot apartment

“It’s a small world”, 86 square foot apartment

Ever feel like the walls are closing in on you? I know with the already cold and snowy weather by the time February gets here I am going to be one stir crazy person. And I have 2,000 square feet and a full basement to roam around. I would never describe my home as large, or small. It just is. But, compare it to this Paris apartment and I am rocking a mansion the size of the infamous Aaron Spelling mansion.
This apartment is only 86 square feet. It has a kitchen, bathroom, bed, closet, stairs, storage and a table. All within the tiny space. The designers based this off of a Swiss army knife. You know, the one that fits in a pocket but has ten thousand functions to it. Except it is always missing when you are actually in need of it. I am assuming this aspect of a Swiss army knife was not inspiration, this apartment is always functional and available at all times.
I can see the attractiveness of this small space. Simple, and just what you need. Well, almost. I need a couch. Seriously, where do you sit? The look of this space is nice, open and airy feel. With the high ceiling and light colors it makes the space feel bigger then it is. I mean if I had to guess I would say this is about 100 square feet. Very misleading.
Look at that floor plan, every single nook and cranny is utilized. I guess it all has to be to make it as functional as possible. Someone does live here, with the usual human needs of clothes, shoes, food, junk mail…. It all has to go somewhere.
I hope there is no one sleeping in that bed who rolls around a lot. That is quite a drop. This home was designed by Kitoko studio architecture firm. The images are from Fabienne Delafraye and The daily mail. I am always amazed by peoples ideas and ways of making things work. This is definitely one of those times. I don’t think I could live in it, but I can certainly respect the planning and work that went into it. I will be happily doing laps around my seemingly all the sudden larger home now.



  1. I definitely couldn't live in it. I don't want to live inside Transformer lol

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