fall leaf decor, DIY painted wood box

fall leaf decor, DIY painted wood box


How is everyone’s November going? I have settled into the month nicely. My house has been de spoooki-fied. That is a thing, right? Well, either way it has been done. However, I am staying strong in my fall hoopla projects this month. I guess I am going against the grain here, there is a lot of sites and blogs doing Christmas themed stuff already. To quote a Minion “Whaaaatt!?” There will be none of that here at Our house now a home. This month is fall, we do fallish stuff. I know, I am being pretty rebellious. I walk on the wild side, the wild home decor blogging side. Also totally a thing.

So for today’s project…. I have kids, my kids have toys, toys come in containers that were at one point a way to organize said toys. The toys are now all over the floor, and I commandeer the containers and use them as assistance to my decor. Typical life cycle of a toy container here at Our home. I used most of these great wood Melissa and Doug boxes for my shell display, gallery wall. I had one left. Now I have none left. I put this one to use.

Confession time, this project was done a few weeks ago. Back when we had green leaves on our trees. I had a few leaf projects I was going to do so I grabbed a few different kinds of leaves. They were all going to fall off the tree shortly so I had zero guilt about cutting these leaves life cycle down a little.

I asked Dale to get me a few other leaves to see if I wanted to try something else. This is what he brought me, apparently this is “a few”
I decided to use a standard maple leaf for this one. Nice and big, with a great shape.


I had purchased some acrylic paints for another project, and used them on this one.



I used a bright orange color, trying to cover as much of it as I could with the paint.


Centering it in the middle of the wood box, then push and mush down. And yes, this nifty gif was needed to show what I did. Pictures in motion. Everyone now  “Oh, ah, wow!” Be sure to push down and not allow it to slide around. The more sliding that happens will make the leaf look more sloppy. Keep it tight.


After I pushed away, it looked like one of those psychiatrist ink blots. Since this is not meant to be anything deeper then some pretty leaf decor. I need to add the nature to this. I painted with brown the stem and veins of the leaf. Much more leaf like now.
It looked nice, but needed something…..


….Twine! Twine is always the answer to add a little oomph to a project. Especially a fall project.


I took my always ready to use twine and weaved it around the top of the wood box. I sat and weaved. It took a while, but I was so happy with how it turned out, I just kept at it.


I think it was a fun, small addition to my ever changing fall decor. And can we say really cheap project? The toys that the wood box came in were the most expensive part of this whole thing. I think it looks like a leaf, Nora says it looks like a fall tree. Either way, as long as they are not looking like ink blots I call it a win! I can use this as a art piece (like it is now) or a actual basket to hold things on a table.

I am thinking this Friday I will have my updated fall home tour ready to go. Just a few small touches left for me. I hope you all enjoy your Wednesday, and hey…. we are half way to the weekend!
Have you ever incorporated leaves into home decor?
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  1. Cute project. I bet the kids would enjoy helping! Adding the twine definitely made the project more complete ::

  2. I love using leaves for home decorating, no matter the time of year. Now I want to buy these toys just so I can use these great containers for things.

  3. How Nice!!! Just what I love a quick and easy and delightful project. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hello beautiful! This looks so amazing. Pinned. Thank you for taking the time to stop by! I hope to see you at our party tonight, it starts at 7 pm. We love to party with you!
    Happy Monday! Lou Lou Girls

  5. What a fun idea! Thanks for sharing it at our weekly link party!

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