Fall home tour

Fall home tour

Today I am sharing my fall home tour. I shared my Halloween home tour  last month. It was spooktastic. The theme of this portion of the fall home is simple, fresh, natural. I think with the Christmas season right around the corner, and the big decorating I do for that I like to tone things down a little. Bring the calm before the holiday storm. It is still technically fall, but tell that to the cold winter temperatures we have.

Here is Dale and Gavin picking up the last of the fall leaves….
….here is the same spot in our yard on Sunday, 2 inches of snow covering the ground. We went from fall to winter overnight.
It may be a white fall/Thanksgiving outside, but inside we are still rocking the fall decor. Leaves, twigs, pumpkins, gourds, orange, yellow, and other woodland creatures. Seems fall-ish to me. Just don’t look outside. That is winterized already.



We got this basket from a apple picking farm, it is perfect to hold wood for the fireplace.


I purchased the pillows on this fireplace from Kohls. They are colorful, I had planned to use them on my couch, but they were too much there. They somehow became neutralized on the fireplace with the natural stones. They worked great there.


These pillows I stole from our guest bedroom in the basement. We have no guests, and they are somewhat fall friendly. I had been planning to make some pillows, but the month began speeding by me. And these worked well enough. My kids use them for pillow fights, or jumping from one to the other. Dale sits on the couch once he has moved them off of it. So these do the work just the same.


I created this string art leaf picture. This is the phase 2 of the two sided picture. This is the most muted and neutral mantel decor I have done. I am loving the fresh and clean feel to it. It will be interesting to see if my Christmas decor follows suit. I feel like every year morphs into it’s own personality. And this years fall decor was calm and serene.


This awesome stick was taken from a ivy vine that did not make it through winter last year. It never got leaves this year. So while taking it off of the fence I took some of it and placed this awesome twig on the fireplace mantel. It is a beautiful addition to this mantel.


This thankful tree is something I created for Successful Homemakers. The full tutorial should be on the site within the week. It was something that was amazing for our family to create. Each of us said two things we were thankful for and our family chose two things as well. One side has the thankful, and the other has the first initial of the person who said it. This is one of my favorite new projects for fall. It is straight from the heart.



That is it, my humble abodes fall tour. I have enjoyed the simplicity of it. I can already see the extravaganza that will be Christmas decor. This weekend I have a few projects that we will be working on. I am too antsy to not start on Christmas stuff. It probably has a lot to do with the fact that it feels like Christmas already. Hard to be in the fall spirit with snow and temperatures around 25 degrees. I hope wherever you are, there is still some wonderfully beautiful fall weather to enjoy. That season is far too fleeting.

Just has to add this was going on while I was walking around taking pictures. My ever present Teddy and Gavin. The other two little ones were at school, and they did not seem very interested in my photograph taking and fall home tour hoopla. Been there, done that, going on here. Have a wonderful start to the week. Stay warm if you are dealing with what I am dealing with. And if you have warmth and sun, enjoy it. Walk around barefoot, feel the sun rays, on behalf of me and my miserably cold self. Maybe figure out a way to send it my way.

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  1. Love your fall home!! I'm not ready for that snow yet! What little cuties all cuddled up on the sofa!

  2. super cute, love the little Tgiving tree!

  3. Love the leaf string art!

  4. Emily this looks great! Love the tour! laura

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