Dollar store challenge #4

Dollar store challenge #4

Later this week I am going to be sharing a great new pumpkin project. As I shared on Sunday I have not had the most time to do much around here. I am going to be taking pictures of my fall fireplace mantel and share a awesome pumpkin project that Dale did. It is all coming, hopefully this week it will be all about bringing more fall into your home.

This dollar store challenge is a little different. I am not really doing much to the “goods” purchased at the dollar store. There are these great little pumpkins there. How can you not go wrong with these cute fake pumpkins and gourds? I have had these pine cones that I brought home from my Grandma’s house a few years ago. I bring them out for fall and for Christmas. I think the two go nicely together. Making them scream fall, nature, and autumn goodness.  I put them in a basket on my coffee table. And voila! A nature-ific fall addition, all  by spending a couple dollars total.
I also thought a little more outside of the box, and used a few more pumpkins to set inside my glass lamp. I convinced my kids that I used magic and pushed the pumpkins inside it. Really, the bottom is open. No magic. But, telling my kids that made me seem a little more awesome in my kids eyes. So it was worth it. I think decorating for fall decor can be expensive if you let it. Thinking outside of the box, trying something different. Doing that can make it all possible, even by using things from the dollar store. And of course, a little magic never hurt either.




  1. Great idea! I love those glass lamps!!

  2. Thank you. I love the look of them too. This was the first time I put something in the glass, and I am hooked!

  3. Love what you did with the lamp 🙂

  4. Love your magic lamp and that is so cute about the kids. I always see these beautiful dollar store crafts, but I can never seem to find anything even remotely cool at our dollar store. Thanks for sharing on Merry Monday!

    • That is such a bummer about your dollar store not having good stuff. I kind of assumed there was a good generalization of product. The one I usually go to is the dollar tree if that helps you at all. If you can find one with some good stuff it is a great way to add a little something to your home.

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