Dale’s project, 3 dimensional pumpkins

Dale’s project, 3 dimensional pumpkins

Are you all with me on this fine Wednesday? It is not so fine here, we are having “frigid” temperatures here in Wisconsin. And when I say frigid I mean it feels like the middle of winter instead of the beginning. Well, technically it is still fall, we are supposed to be in brisk not frigid. So, that among many reasons is why I am not budging on this enjoying fall thing. I am not going to have one piece of Christmas decor until after Thanksgiving. I am grasping onto fall with my cold, frigid hands. Today’s project is brought to you by Dale. This was his brain child, I made a pumpkin, he made a pumpkin. I told him he should write this post as well. He declined. Well that is not true, he said he would but it would go…. draw a pumpkin, cut it, cut a line in middle, paint, done. Yes, he would have gotten the basics down. And this is not the most complicated pumpkin. However, you guys deserve more. Or maybe you would prefer it short and sweet.

Here is where it started, with a left over green piece of ply wood. Here is the pumpkin template. Now, the plan to make this work is to have to identical pumpkin’s that can be slatted together. To achieve that he cut one from the saw. Then using the already cut one set it on another portion of the ply wood to make its identical twin. Yes, he is creating identical twin pumpkins. His first project out of the gate is twins! Anyways, once we had two pumpkins. Which he did not take a picture of… no shade, just pointing out…..
It was time to add the slat in the center of both. To do this Dale used the miter saw, running the pumpkin through the saw. Then running it along the other side, having the two lines meet. And knocking out a large portion of it.


The important part is to make the slats be both centered evenly on the two pumpkins. But have one going from the bottom to the center, and one going from the top down to the center. So that they can click together. It sounds a lot more complicated then it actually is. Two slots, meeting in the middle.
I just took this picture because I realized there was no flat comparison shot
Once the two pieces were cut, it was time to make them a little more pumpkin-ish. I can almost bet that Dale did not use the word pumpkin-ish. But in my head it makes the story so much more entertaining to think he did say it. Now, he spray painted a bright orange color onto the pumpkins. No pictures were of this either. I am guessing he is not a frequent reader of my blog, because he does not know how it is done around here. Pictures, pictures, PICTURES! I think we all can guess how to spray paint, we can give him a break.
Two coats of orange spray paint later we have a 3 dimensional pumpkin courtesy of my main man, and frequent DIY collaborator.
We usually make a great team, I am the brain, he is the muscle and manual labor. Here he took the reigns and did a great job. I like his go to attitude. Seeing that he was so excited to do this on his own, from thought to completion let me know that I am not forcing this home decor DIY stuff down his throat. He enjoys it!
Are you guys still feeling the fall home decor? I have a fall fireplace mantel to share with you all, and one small garland I made for fall. Not much, but a few more small things. Have I lost you all to the prettiness and magic that is impending Christmas?






  1. Thank you for all the kind words and I will get better at taking pictures

  2. love this what a cute easy wooden craft perfect for working along side little ones
    come see me at http://shopannies.blogspot.com

  3. Cute! great job Dale!

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