A busy weekend

A busy weekend

We were busy this weekend
This weekend I was one busy bee. The fall home decor is down and 98% of my Christmas stuff is up. I have ready and waiting projects like crazy to share with you all. The inside is all done. It has been horrible cold and wet weather here. So the front porch is going to have to wait. At least until it stops raining. We are used to cold here with putting up lights, just not rain too.  I have decided this following weekend we are going to get our Christmas tree. I am hoping if we don’t wait any longer it will not be miserably cold when looking for our tree, like last year.

The kids took advantage of the crazy, by being even crazier. It is a cycle, a never ending cycle of crazy.
So why, if I have all of these projects am I not sharing them? The previously mentioned weather. We have had the worst cloud cover all weekend. I hate to blame the weather, but I need to be able to have some kind of lighting in the house to take pretty pictures. The only way it could have been possible today was to have all of the lights on, which do not give the right feel for project picture taking. But, I will say I am beyond excited and antsy to share them! I got into it this year, tried new things, was inspired by other’s ideas, and just plain went Christmas decorating crazy. If there is the opposite of the Grinch, I am that. I am all of the people down in Whoville combined, I have that much Christmas spirit.
The one down side to having Christmas stuff out, my kids now think Christmas is coming very soon. I am talking Caleb coming to me last night and saying “Mommy, we should put cookies out for Santa and carrots for his reindeer.” And all three kids writing and drawing notes for the jolly man himself. I have realized I have one more project on my DIY to do list. Something with a number countdown to it. A visual for my kids to see how many days until Christmas. One, so my kids will stop asking when Christmas is. And two, so I do not disappoint them by saying it is not here yet. I will let the numbers do the talking. I hope you all had a great weekend! It is a holiday week, whoohoo! And hopefully I will be sharing my projects in the near future. So excited!




  1. The kids look so adorable. I can't wait to see the projects you've been working on. We're going to start decorating for xmas this week. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with the fam! Here's to better weather ahead 🙂

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