When life gives you leaves….. my not planned family pictures

When life gives you leaves….. my not planned family pictures

It is Friday! We have a lot going on this weekend having to do with Halloween. Going to the Zoo for costumes and night fun. Then Saturday we are off for the first of two trick or treating adventures. This one involves Dale’s sisters and their kids. Lots of kids, candy, and fun. I am sure by Sunday we will be exhausted. But it is worth it. I am all about stretching out the fun. We also had planned to dress up the kids, Dale and I. In similar but not matching outfits and pose for Christmas pictures. I always send out a card with pictures, I have a lot of out of town family with a fair amount of people that are not on any social media (shocker) so my yearly Christmas card is the only time they see my kids growing up. I take the kids pictures and my mother in law snaps a few of us as a family. It is a lot less tears and pain then going into a studio and forcing poses in a always too hot room. Still, a lot of time, effort, work, and usually some angry and frustrated people. Not just the kids 😉
But while immersing myself in the trivial task of choosing a color scheme for said pictures, we got crazy in the leaves outside. The kids were outside playing and Dale and I gravitated outside and joined in the fun. I know we will be cleaning them up eventually, raking away. But for now we had the most epic leaf pile ever. Which turned into a all out leaf fight. It was every man for themselves.


Who knew leaves could be so much fun. My kids were having the best time in them. It is moments like this I feel proud of the life we are giving our kids. They were so blissful and happy in this pile of leaves. They have no care in the world. Stretching out childhood and the magic of it is my goal. Seeing a pile of leaves and just jumping, magic.

Just jump!




I see the beauty in these leaves. The changing of the seasons. The bright and vivid colors in the landscape. But, sometimes it takes my kids for me to see the fun in it. The possibility’s for pure happiness and giggles. After snapping some amazing pictures of them Dale and I jumped right in, attacking with leaves. It was perfection and a moment I hope I never forget.

And yes, we are finding bits and pieces of leaves everywhere. In fact it looks like a tree was in our home. I am still coming across leaves in the house. Right before we partook in this leaf craziness I was in the midst of family picture Christmas card planning. Trying to think of the best back drop, outfits, what time of day for lighting. But, looking at these pictures of my kids. Pure happiness, real genuine smiles, a little crazy and excitement thrown in. This is my family, my kids, my life. When life gives you a big pile of leaves. You jump in. I think I may have done the perfect impromptu photo shoot for our Christmas card. And my kids were none the wiser!

Who needs posed pictures and my kids grimacing out a “cheese” face that looks like they are in pain. Me saying over and over to look up, open your eyes, don’t touch your hair. It could go on. Yes, I tend to grab a few wonderful pictures but, there is 300 ones that will be forgotten of my kids and their less then happy faces. In these pictures I took yesterday there was not one of my kids being anything but gleeful. Yes, their hair is a mess, I have no makeup on, Dale is giving a mountain man a run for his money with his beard, the kids are in mismatched clothes, it was snapped quickly with our cell phone (before we jumped right in too). But, this is what I want people to see and know of my family. Happiness, love, fun, chaos, magic. We are all of those things, and sometimes perfection is very much overrated. Well planned perfection. “Life is what happens while you are busy making plans”- said someone awesome. Have a great weekend, and have some fun!


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  1. That was so much fun so amazing. we are very lucky to have these kids. I really need to just take out my phone more and just snap away, there is so many little things that I missed while I was in the moment that I get to see in the pictures.

  2. Looks like you guys had a blast! Found you on the Your Designs This Time link up =)

  3. Beautiful pictures and a beautiful family! It looked liked a great day!

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