What I was up to, September in review

What I was up to, September in review

I made it through September! I saw my kids start school, we survived and are now thriving in our new routine. I began a lot of amazing opportunity’s with contributing at other places. You can now find me at Homedit, Fancy Shanty, and Homemakers challenge. I share lots of new and original content over at these places. I give you all a little sneak peek here, but the whole enchilada is at the specific sites.  I cannot believe it is October, this last month flew by. While I am not looking forward to the cold temperatures to hit. The idea of the holidays coming up does have me excited. We have a lot of fall traditions that are always fun. The fall colors and tree’s changing is beautiful. I did not grow up with a changing of the seasons, so with gold, red, orange, and yellow popping up all over it is stunning to me. There will be lots of those colors popping up inside my home too in the next month.

And now, onto what was going on here project wise this past month.
 The bathroom! I had small reveals throughout the month that pretty much pulled us through the whole month. We have bathrooms on the brain here at Our house now a home. You can find the full reveal here. It also has lots of other links to the specific tutorials. You would think I was done with this bathroom. But next week there is a few minor projects I will outline. This project was one that sprung up, not planned. However, this bathroom is gorgeous and so bright now. All of the work was worth it, I just wish I had done it sooner.
I carried on with my series of Dollar store challenges. This time bringing in the beginning of fall. This has sparked lots of fall projects, which of course will be on here in the coming weeks. This one was so simple and cheap. I spent One whole dollar on it! I am loving this challenge. I hope what you all take away from it is that decorating your home never has to be expensive. Making your house into a home can be done on any budget.
I was in Target, my first day with all of my kids in school for three whole hours. I was looking for ways to organize my desk area in my home office. I spotted a great wood paper tray, it was gorgeous and close to $30. I debated buying it and simultaneously broke down what it was and saw how I could create it at home with what was already there. So I did just that. It allows the mail or paper work I need to go through have a nice place to wait until I get to it.
September seemed to be the month of bathroom’s and low cost ideas for a home. In October expect to see lots of Halloween and Fall home decor, another Dollar store challenge, and any articles I am sharing on other sites. So far I have at least 3 fall projects done and ready to be written up. I also have a few in the process of being done. I am in a situation of having so many ideas and not enough time. It will be a busy month with lots of inspiration, tutorials, and fall!
What were some things around the house you did or worked on in September?



  1. Great post. You definitely had a busy and very productive Sept! Have fun with October 🙂

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