train birthday party decor, my wonderful Caleb is 5!

train birthday party decor, my wonderful Caleb is 5!

When did this happen?….
Where does the time go? Yesterday I celebrated my sweet Caleb’s 5th Birthday. I am going to share some of the birthday decorations I threw together for him and his train party. He went back and forth on a theme for weeks. He settled on trains and then I got sick with strep throat. There was a good week where I was miserable. But, his birthday was not going to slow down because I was not ready. I got things together and created a fun train theme for him.


These moments seem like they happened in the blink of an eye….


My Caleb, he came into this world 7 weeks premature after almost two weeks of me in the hospital trying to keep him from coming. He was ready for this world. Once he came home from the NICU he was the sweetest, and easiest baby. He still is. This boy feel emotions. All of them. He laughs the biggest, cares the most, has the most fun, feels hurt, gets disappointed the most, and feels all the frustration that is being a child. He is intense, silly, organized, quirky, fun, so, so so, sweet and kind. When he took cookies to school for a birthday treat his biggest concern was if everyone would like them. That is my dear sweet Mr. Man Caleb. The biggest heart you will ever see. He is blossoming into a organized, smart, clean, methodical, silly, thoughtful person. I have enjoyed the ride this 5 years. And seeing where these last five years have taken us. I can only imagine how the next 5 will be. I miss the small boy he was, the chunky, dimpled, happy, drooling (so much drool), baby he was. But am absolutely enamored with the boy he is now.

So, now that I got the nostalgic, sappy, my child is growing up too fast moments out of the way I am going to talk birthday party decor. I kept it simple. I usually do for my kids, to be honest they really don’t notice the decor at all with the party. I created a train track out of black construction paper. A railroad crossing sign. Used my desk pen tin cans for yummy treats. And that is about it. As I mentioned Caleb is the sweetest boy. He was so excited and grateful for all of the decor. He very sweetly thanked me and got excited with each little piece of fun I created. Dale and I snuck into his room and taped balloons on his bed the night before his birthday. He woke up as we were doing it and ran into our arms whispering thank yous and giving huge hugs. he was so excited that we did this. That moment with just us three at 11pm was one I will never forget.


We got this sign from a party store. It was big, huge! I had planned to hang it on the mantel, but it would not fit. This was the only place where it worked in my house. I don’t think Caleb minded at all. Nora and Gavin were ready to party too.

Just added a few swirly streamers to the ceiling. I usually hang these for all of my kids parties. It adds to the festive feel.



I purchased these cups from the Wal-Mart clearance bins after Christmas a few years ago. I added the chalkboard paint to them. I purchased enough to cover all of the kids in our extended family. So all of my kids cousins. They are usually the ones at birthday parties. We have not ventured into having school friends over for parties yet. I don’t know if I will get away with just family for Nora’s party. She has been pushing hard for friends to come too.
Having these cups makes it very easy for the kids to know which cup is theirs.
It was a train party, we had to have the train set up in the living room. This is what started all of this party decor. Caleb is obsessed with building train tracks. He spends so much time creating, then tearing apart and creating something new. He initially just wanted a train track party. But decided on a train party. He wants to be a train track toy builder when he grows up. Not sure if there are too many positions available. But, that is what he is going for at the moment.
It was a fun, simple party. We ordered pizza and had chips and dip for snacks. I don’t think Caleb noticed one bit. His cousins were here. He got some LEGO’s and a skateboard (his dream gifts) and a train track cake courtesy of my very talented mother in law. I asked Caleb what his favorite part of the day was. He said “Opening the door when people were coming in. It was so exciting to see them!” That is pure perfection.


Having kids and raising them is the most bitter sweet thing I will ever experience. I love watching them grow, seeing them become even more “them” as time goes on. Hearing all of the little thoughts they have. Answering their questions, seeing them discover the world. But, knowing the moments that have already come and gone, I will never get them back. Knowing soon they wont fit on my lap anymore. Now, I can still pick them up and hold them. They let me kiss them whenever and wherever. Even in front of their friends. I am the person they come to and crave time with. I know with each passing day and lesson learned they are one step closer to being older, being independent. Like I said, the most bitter sweet experience ever. My kids are still young 6, 5, and 3. But I can see the coming years slipping by already. I am so proud of them now and cannot wait to see what they become individually. But, am happy to cherish the here and now just a little longer.




  1. So sweet it was a fun day. He is such an amazing sweet boy.

  2. This is such a sweet post. Glad your son had a great bday party! Love his cake! Bet every little boy would want a cake like that 🙂

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