it all in the details, bathroom shelf and towel holder details

it all in the details, bathroom shelf and towel holder details

How is your week going? We are now closer to the end then the beginning of it. I have a lot going on here at Our home at the moment. Getting the house ready for a Birthday party. My sweet Caleb will be 5 on Sunday. Getting birthday fun, treats, and what not squared away. Trying desperately to wrap up my fall decor. Friday will be the day. I will be sharing my fall home tour. I know in blogland I am really late. But, I am not rushing the months. And was apparently not organized to keep up. I think you will all enjoy the fruits of my labor. I have lots of fall projects all month long to share with you all. Now, onto today…..This is the last bathroom centered post. Well, at least until we tile the floor and shower. I am just wanting to high light a few of the small details.

I have had this shelf for years, I think initially I bought it for Nora’s nursery, so over 6 years ago. And I never even painted it. I think we can cal that pregnancy brain, it ended up in her room without so much as a spray of white paint. And once it served its purpose (meaning her room became too squished with toys) it went in the basement.


I figured this would be perfect to have above the toilet, to hold towels or other odd and ends. Make that small corner of the small bathroom feel more put together. I selected a dark walnut stain, I am really, REALLY into dark stains at the moment. Well, actually wood stains in general. I somehow managed to go years without staining one thing, and now I have done so many projects using a wood stain. I don’t know if it is on trend with the rest of the world. But it seems to be the trend here in Our home.


The best way to stain is always using a soft cloth. Take the cloth, wring out some stain into the can and then wipe along the grain of the wood. Usually side to side. The last few swipes use less stain and longer strokes. This allows any lines made by the cloth to get rubbed into the wood and just allows the wood grain to shine all on its own.
And yes, that is a bag on my hand. I had no gloves, did not realize this until I was ready to stain. So I did what any normal DIY person would do. I created my own. I now have a massive box of gloves in my garage. Ready for my use, but it is good to know a bag does work too. Just a little harder to move around, it kept trying to come off.
I did two coats of the stain, and that was it. My shelf was ready to be put to use.
I paired the shelf with a few accessories. I got these glass containers years ago at Target. I have not fallen out of decor love with them yet. We are pretty committed to each other. How can I not love them?
I added a few shells for good measure. To add color and texture. And then the wonderful dollar store challenge pictures. This is really what started the whole bathroom redo. I knew I wanted to hang them here. But the frames were white, with white walls. I wanted them to pop more, so I figured some gray paint would do just that. And then maybe paint the trim, and the cabinet, and maybe a new counter top….. and then… well you know the rest!
My old friend, the galvanized pipes. I have done a few projects using these. You can find them here and here. As I have stated in the past, I am not quite sure what these are actually used for. I assume serious home improvement “stuff”. But to me they are the best home decor addition. I used them as a towel holder and a toilet paper roll holder.


It is really simple to use these. Sand off any adhesive or stickiness that they have on them. Spray paint them. I usually use black. It makes there be a antique feel to it in my opinion. I used two base ones to anchor to the wall. Then a two corner ones and a long one to make the rack portion of it. I think it goes along with the quirky and different feel to the bathroom. Goes great with the black painted trim. By the way, I am pretty obsessed with this trim color. I spent months painting all of the trim in my house white. And am really wanting to paint my bedroom trim black. I don’t know how others feel about black trim. I think it is rich looking, striking, and stunning. But, I wonder if my idea is pure madness or genius. It is always a fine line.


That is it! I officially declare this the end of the bathroom sharing post’s. Until the tile comes, but we are a while away from that. Even though it was a not planned project, I think it turned out great. It is the room I have taken the most leaps out of my comfort zone. Maybe because it is so small and for the most part hidden away I felt comfortable taking some decorating risks. I have to say, I like walking on the wild side. Well, if you consider black trim, galvanized pipes, and marble accent tile dangerous. Watch out now!

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  1. I LOVE it! So your style. I can't wait till to see the tiles…ok, not rushing you. 🙂

  2. Looks great! I love the pipe fixtures too 🙂

  3. I love how this turned out and the dark stain!! Your dimples are so pretty, BTW!! 🙂

    • Oh thank you so much for the kind words. When I was younger I could not stand my dimples. Two of my three kids have them, and I get why people love them seeing them on my kids. I feel it will forever make me appear younger then I am. Which is never a bad thing 😉

  4. Looks great! Love the galvanized pipes and the jars! Thanks for stopping by Creative Spark Link Party! Hope you stop by to link up today

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