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I like to do my fair share of house stalking. I like home decor, I like architecture, put it together and I am all over it. So when a house is shared online you know I look at it. Most celebrity homes are a little too formal or stark for me. I like color and a home to feel… well…. homey. I came across Ellen Pompeo’s home in Architectural Digest and was instantly hooked. The fun thing about this tour is they shared before and after pictures. The home was beautiful before, but what the designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard. It fits so well with the home. He added some color, even bringing in dark colors which I am in love with at the moment.
The home is a 16,000 square foot Mediterranean style home built in the 1930’s. It is not the style of home I would gravitate towards. But I can see the beauty in it.
This shows the living room before and after. They did change the windows and doors. However the impact is huge. Using the dark couches, dark colors is striking. It makes the space feel not so large. The furniture and accessories is to scale for the room. If you have a big room you need big furniture. The room seems somewhat cold before. Now it is warm and welcoming. The coffee table is awesome too. I am trying to figure out a way to make it and a place to put it.
I am usually the one cringing when I see that someone does not use the existing cabinetry in a kitchen. I think they did the right thing by getting new ones. Not because of the two tone color, that could have been painted. But the layout of the kitchen feels really small and close in. I think opening it up, especially for a house this size. It needs a big monster kitchen to fit the rest of the house. They did redo the kitchen in a way that makes it feel authentic to the space, just updated. I like all of the brass additions to the space and the woods. So much of it is gorgeous!
This dining room is interesting, the before you would assume would feel big. It is all white. But the after picture feels so much more grand and big. Even with the dark walls. There is not much I would have thought to do in this space, however I love all of it and think it fits great. The chevron floor is stunning. I think the balance of light and dark in here is impeccably done. I don’t know if I have the cajones yet to do a room this dark. But seeing te results makes me want to give it a try.
 A chair in the bathroom, it does not get more luxurious then that. The only seat that fits in my bathroom is of the porcelain throne kind. To have enough room for a big arm chair is crazy. I like the large shower. I like taking baths and would love to have one in my bathroom. But, 90% of the time I think the shower is what people use more of the time. So having that take up a large amount of space is so functional.
This is such a fun and colorful room. It is so playful, but not too cutesy. I think decorating for a little girl it is so tempting to make a bedroom for a little girl cute and girly. I am saying this as my daughter sleeps in her pink and bug bedroom. I am loving those little bean bags, the pattern on them is great. Really the patterns in this whole room, I would have been stressed to add this many patterns, but they juggled it great.
I wish there was more pictures of this room. It seems so sweet and fun. I love the dark pink crib, and the herd of sheep grazing on the white rug. It is such a a great balance of cute for a baby but could easily transition into a bigger girl bedroom.
Now, this is the life. When I dream of moving back home to San Diego California it is always with a house like this in mind. And more specifically a backyard like this. I mean what is the point in living there unless you can enjoy the weather at all times. But, if we moved to California a house like this is just slightly out of our budget. A little….. so I can dream and house stalk others. This house to me is a great balance of fun, color, adult spaces with keeping in mind family needs, and also respecting the Mediterranean style home. All of the pictures came from architectural digest, there is a article with more details and quotes from Ellen and the designer on the spaces. But seriously, I am going to be showing Dale this house and more specifically the coffee table. He can do it, I have faith in him.
What did you think of this house?



  1. Loooove. A girl can dream! California living seems to be so laid back and relaxing.

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