falling into fall decor

falling into fall decor

the loot of fall decor, some I am using, some I am redoing, and some I am donating.
It is starting here at Our home, fall is upon us. So that means it is time to break out some fall inspired decor. I had planned to have my home tour all up and ready to go. But there is still a few projects that are lingering and not quite done yet.

this is one of my projects, I am really excited to share this one.
I am going to have two parts to fall decor. The Halloween portion of the season. Using bats, spiders, and other awesomely scary things. And then break out the more subtle fall pieces after Halloween is over. I am thinking I will be going to more subtle and muted color scheme for this season. Much to Dale’s dismay. He says pumpkins are orange and should be that way. Well in this home, and with this decorator we are going to have some white and cream pumpkins happening too. He is actually working on a fall project, one all on his own. It is something he thought of, I will of course be sharing it on here.


this is another project I am working on, spray painted leaves!

So, I wish I had a beautiful and inspiring home fall tour. But not yet. I want to make sure that all of my little projects are set and ready to be showed off. I will be staggering the tutorials of each project through out this month and next month. So what you see in the tour will be broken down in how to’s in time. The cooler temperatures are approaching, it has been in mid 70’s here in Wisconsin this week. But this weekend we are going to get down in the 50’s, fall weather is upon us. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and be ready next week for lots of pictures of fall home decor ideas!

Have you began decorating for fall? Do you have different decorations for Halloween and then others for the remaining fall season?


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