I shared all of my favorite spring and summer flower blooms in my yard. So with fall here I am sharing the beauty that is the changing of the seasons. Growing up in southern California these golds, red, orange, and brown do not exist in the trees there. It took my breath away when I moved to Wisconsin and saw my first fall.

Ten years later, these colors still take my breath away.



You would think that with me knowing all of these leaves will end up on the ground. Which will have to be raked up I would not look forward to this. But the leaves are too gorgeous to care about the clean up.



There is so much vibrancy with these colors. The air is crisp, it is officially sweater weather.


No more flip flops, time to break out the flats and converse sneakers.



My kids Halloween costumes are picked out, we have two dragons and one shark respectively. The leaves are changing. Lighting up the landscape with color and beauty. I wish this stage of fall lasted a lot longer then it does. In about another week these leaves will be all on the ground and the trees will be sparse and just sticks. So I need to take it in while I can. This weekend we are taking our family pictures outside among all of this color and beauty. Dale and I are off to see Jason Mraz in concert tonight, so excited. Excited to see a great concert, and have some time with just my man and I. Then on Sunday we are going to a pumpkin farm to do the whole hay ride, corn maze Halloween fun. Busy and really fun weekend. I am going to take in the fall and fun while I can. Before the official cold hits.
What do you have planned this weekend?




  1. Beautiful! We have a busy weekend planned….parties, hayrides and a tea party!

  2. What a beautiful Autumn day it's my favorite time of the year, and you have some great shots !
    found u on Fridays Blog Hobnob party.

  3. Beautiful! I moved from NJ to SC and so miss the changing of the leaves. And I'm a total slacker, 0 Halloween costumes here. lol

  4. Have fun at the Jason Mraz concert! I love him. This weekend will be all about kids bday parties for us.

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