Creepy, crawley Halloween spider vases and DIY spiderwebs

Creepy, crawley Halloween spider vases and DIY spiderwebs

This month is all about Halloween decor projects. I know I have Halloween on the brain and I am sure everyone else is the same way. We are finalizing plans for trick or treating, and other Halloween fun. We visited a pumpkin farm, and my kids were hopped up on caramel apple sugar all day. My house is all about Halloween too. I wanted to add some spooky fun to my fireplace mantel. I thought of a fun and really cheap idea.

Taking these two glass vases, that usually have fake apples in them in my kitchen. I planned to use these to add some spiders and spider webs to the glass.


The first plan of action is to use construction paper, cut it down to size. The plan was to have this paper sit in the glass in a circle.


I drew some little spider critters with chalk from my kids art table. Really using construction paper and chalk this is a very kids friendly project if your kids wanted to help. My kids were already in bed so I got to play creative alone. And yes my spiders only have 6 legs. Eight legs looked odd and too much for my spiders. So we have a new six legged variety for Halloween. They are extra spooky and different.


See, lots of creepy, crawley spiders!


This looked cute enough, I could have left it like this. But I wanted to add some spider webs. Made out of paper. There was a few trial and errors. Over use of Google, and lots of paper wasted. But we did recycle all of the scrap paper and we did figure out a way to make it work.
small spider web,
Step 1- Start by using a flat surface. And yes, before you ask….. Bob the Builder will be of great assistance in the making of these spider webs. The book choice for our flat surface
was very important.
Fold the paper in half


Step 2-
Fold a corner into the center, creating a triangle.
 Step 3-
Fold triangle down


Step 4-
Tear at that fold line, creating a square


Step 5-
Create a small fold at the bottom, it is just used at a reference point
Same fold as above (the reference fold)


Step 6-
Fold one corner using the reference fold up to half the other side.
Step 7-
Fold the other side (unfolded side) up to the center. Overlapping the two folded sides.


Once you are done it will look like this


Step 8-
Fold the whole thing into itself, creating it to appear in half.
 Step 9-
Draw this design on it, this is how the spider web will appear.


Step 10-
Cut it out


Here is is all cut up. To make this appear as spider web like as possible I would cut it to create the spider web have the white part smaller. Since webs tend to have a thin appearance that was how I wanted this to look.


Unfolding it, and it looks like a authentic spider web. Well a paper spider web with fold lines. But it is perfect for my six legged spiders. It all goes together. Fun, creative and quirky.


Here is the first few dozen failures. Well I should not call them failures. We were just learning the ways not to do it. We figured out a lot of ways of NOT doing it before we got it right.


To create a corner one, we created a larger one by not cutting it in half. And then cut that larger one in half to make a corner spider web.


Then to keep this really simple. Tape it on the vase. I know, I am getting crazy with the details.
And here it is! My six legged spider, spooktacular addition to my fireplace mantel.
I adore how it turned out. So simple. Well aside from the complicated spider web (learning, not failures). But, the concept of it was simple. And the supplies were ones I already had in my arsenal of at the ready art stuff. I think if you learn one thing from me with this site you will know I like to do things for as cheap as possible. Not cheap quality, but cheap price. It is out of necessity, I have three kids and adore home decor. I try not to make a hit happen with our budget because of my decorating obsession. But, BUT most importantly I like the challenge of doing something for little to no money. I am finding more and more ways of making it work. Thinking outside of the box, working with what I have, and not going by the “rules” of home decorating. Like construction paper is not just for kids. It is for Halloween decor too. I am loving my fireplace mantel. It is the most fun and whimsical Halloween mantel I have had yet. My kids like it too, I have been told it is spooky but not too spooky. Just what I was going for!
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