…And then I had a hole in my wall….

…And then I had a hole in my wall….


Monday, whew. We had a busy weekend, I feel like the weekend flew by. We went to the Zoo on Friday night, the kids got to wear their costumes and see some mildly spooky things. On Saturday we got together with family for some trick or treating and more costume fun. That is about it. Oh and we knocked a hole in our wall.

This was not by choice. We have had a small leak occasionally when it rains in the corner of the window. It popped up this summer, something on our to do list. We finally decided to fix it before it gets really cold and unfix-able. So we knocked the corner of the window out. Saw nothing but damp insulation. We kept knocking away at the drywall. And eventually found it was coming from above. Dale got to climb around int eh small, crawling room only attic space. And, long story short. We found the issue. A crack in the outer wall under the siding. When I sprayed the hose over it water was running in. Problem found. And we are on our way to having the problem fixed. I am more relieved we found the problem, then to just have nothing obvious and us scratching our heads, with a big hole in the wall.


My Fairy, Dragon (whose head kept falling off, the dragons that is), and my tiger

I will be sharing the wonderfulness that is patching up this monstrosity of a mess up. I just hope it looks pretty when it is done! Nothing like a hole in your wall and impending winter to get your butt in gear and fix a leak. My kids were envious and terrified that Dale was in the attic. It was scary and dark looking, but awesomely scary and dark looking.

So to recap, we have a ton of candy in Our home, costumes worn int quite well. And a former leaky wall now patched up. Just time to make it pretty again. Don’t you just love being a homeowner and DIY-er?




  1. Oh so much fun why do we keep making more work for our selfs?

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