The good from last month,  August edition

The good from last month, August edition

I know this month review is a few days late. Bare with me, it was a three day holiday weekend. And school started on Tuesday. To say the past few days have been a little crazy and off would be an under statement. But, I am here, I have it together enough. Lets review what I was up to in August.

I started the month off with a blog hop. A back to school blog hope, sharing my DIY shadowbox organizer. We put this to use the first morning of school and it worked wonderfully. I placed Nora’s clothes in it (selected the night before). Set her lunch box on the hook, and set a note that needed to go with her to school. She then put it all in her backpack on her own. Simplifying the mornings.

Then when she came home her folders and books for the week were put in the shadowbox, at the ready for homework time. Design win! The full post is here with lots of pictures and detailed steps. Along with the other bloggers I hopped with sharing their back to school tips an tricks.

Next up, I took some time to spot light my love of flowers. We still have a few more weeks of blooms here in Wisconsin and I am going to enjoy every last little bit of it. My flower post can be seen here.


I decided to update our master bedroom, just a little also this past month. I re arranged a shelf in our room, making it seem more thought out and done. I broke down how to stage and decorate a book shelf using different size, shape, and visual levels on each shelf. All by using no money and just shopping my home.
A new series was started in August for my blog. The dollar store challenge series. Each month I will take something purchased from the dollars store, and either use what I already have at home or other things from the dollar store and will create or up cycle something. My first challenge was using pictures from a calender purchased from he dollar store and framing them in frames of mine that had long been forgotten in the basement. You can see that post here.
And last but not least, I decided to have a spur of the moment, start the project at 7pm at night bathroom redo. It was supposed to take us one day. Five days later it is more or less done. I have not revealed anything yet. On Friday I will be sharing one of the tutorials of the bathroom. The first of many posts with the bathroom. We took out the lighting, putting in sconces, tiled one wall, new counter top, trim and walls painted, and cabinets were painted. So many projects to share, and then at the very end you get the full reveal. This will be a slow burn this time. But I introduced the project in August with post 1 here and post 2 here.
That is what we were up to here at Our home in August. I also turned 29, we had a full week of celebrations with that. Had back to school shopping to do, a few fun family outings to enjoy the last little bits of summer, and a few exciting endeavors for me and this blog. I hope to share them with you very soon. In September expect to see a lot of updates and tutorials having to do with the bathroom redo. As well as a few holiday ideas lurking around. I am not rushing fall though, I am trying to at least wait until the end of September before I start bringing up the fall decor. One season at a time, today it is sunny, gorgeous and warm out. I am enjoying the flip flop wearing, green grass and flowers blooming season while I can. There is a time and place for holiday decor, and to me, in Our home it is not now. I enjoyed August and I hope you did too!
What was a project you did in August?




  1. I really enjoyed your re-cap on the month of August! You ideas and creativity continue to amaze me. I love how well you articulate yourself and the way you put each project together with a walk through and step by step manner is so helpful! I look forward to reading each day to see what you have put up!

  2. Thank you so much! I am glad you find what I do helpful, I try to make it more then just showing off my pretty space. But making is accessible and possible for all.

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