Parade of homes, home #2

I am continuing on with my tour’s of the homes I saw at the Parade of homes here in the Milwaukee area. Today I am sharing a craftsman style home. Even if this is not your style, you can admire the work put into this home. They really stayed true to the craftsman style.

This is the entryway, with two built ins right away. I am not a huge fan of dark wood. But in this case it is understood and I have to respect it. Also it was such a beautiful color.


This built in was on either side of the fireplace. The door handles were nice to see. Very unique to this home and I know I did not see any other ones similar to these.


The built ins by the entryway were a see through cabinet. It was a creative way to make the room feel more open. With the dark wood color any and all light that could come in was important. This room had large windows in the living room to brighten up the space.


Ahhh! Big and bulky craftsman columns. You cannot get any better than that.


This farmhouse sink was great. Most of the homes had these sinks in them. I like this trend a lot because it is really functional. Look at the space in there. I can just imagine the ease in cleaning large pans or dishes.


I liked this light. It was more rustic then I would have put in my home. But I am feeling the combination of dark wood and black metal.  And if fit so well in the home.


This little nook was right off of the dining room and kitchen. A great space for a work area. Either for parents or kids. This allows a functional space to work, but still being in the main living area. I liked that it matched the kitchen cabinets.


The dark wood went all though the house, even in the kitchen. And the same door knobs were in here as well. All cohesive and thought out.


Wainscoting. This is very similar to what we have in our home. But it had a bulkier detailing and trim. Something I would have preferred to have in our home as well. This was done so nicely.



The always present mudroom. I wonder if in 20 years our kids will rebel and refuse to have a mudroom because they are all going to grow up with one in their homes.  They are so functional, which is why I adore them. Making use of all space in a home is always the way to go.


This house had 10 foot ceilings. I mentioned it last week in the other home tour, but this is something I did not realize I liked. However, once in the homes with this high of ceiling it makes any space feel massive. Which is a great way to make a home feel bigger, no matter the size.


I liked these little balls hanging in one of the guest rooms. It was a simple detail that made the room feel playful.


Big baseboards. This was probably around 6 inches or so. Which is a good size. I like them like this a lot. In the bedrooms the wood trim was all painted white. It was a nice shift from all of the dark wood in the rest of the house.


This door was awesome. I like this style of interior doors. With it being a craftsman home these fit right in.


This is the hallway in the center of the home. It stretched from one side of the house, having the entryway in the middle. And then went to the other side. It reminded me of our house. We have a large hallway that is in the center of the home.


This was the master bedroom. With the light color scheme and the white wood it was a breath of fresh air compared to the dark wood. Like I said, it fit the home. But I prefer the white wood. This room was a great oasis.


I loved that the board and batten was brought in the master bedroom, but white. It felt like a great flow, but set it apart from the rest of the house. Also these pictures with leaves were awesome.


The color in here was a dark sage green. I really liked this color. It was not too much color, but not a neutral color either.


I need this soaker tub. This is one thing in my home I would love to have. We have no space for in in our master bathroom. But I can always add it to the kids bathroom and take over in there when Mommy needs a good soak.


More of these beautiful doors.


This was the staircase off of the front door going down into the basement. A stunning entry into a home. The craftsmanship of this home was beautiful. People were just wandering around admiring it all.


This home was stunning. It would take a certain kind of person to like this home. You will either love it or hate it. I think most would love it, I know I did. Even with my dark wood dislike this home was beautiful. What about you, would you like to live in a home with a specific architecture and style like this?



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