four down, 176 to go….

four down, 176 to go….

This is how we started the week. Happy, playing in the rain, giggling little children. School started this week for Nora, the boys begin preschool next week. With Nora being in first grade now I think I assumed we would bounce right back into “school” mode. Wrong….

It was the last day, really last moments of summer break. We had a heavy rain, it was a hot and muggy evening. About 30 minutes before bed. My kids excitedly asked if they could go splash in the puddles, “sure!” I said. They loved every minute of it. As they were walking in drenched in water and happiness Nora said “Best last day of summer ever.” Truer words had never been spoken. Summer was over, and ended blissfuly dancing in the rain.
Morning came, Nora woke up before my alarm went off. She was too excited to contain herself, even the boys had a hop to their groggy step. I think just the excitement of something new was putting them on a high too.


She was ready, with back pack on 20 minutes before we had to walk to the bus stop. By the way, I am writing this on the fourth day of school. She has not been this ready on any other day. It went down hill fast. But for now in this little recap we are in happy, giddy first day of school mode.


All the kids at the bus stop with their shiny new shoes, best outfit of the year selves were in great moods. The parents of the kids were all fresh faced, talking, laughing. Everyone got there earlier then usual, we could not keep these kids contained. They all wanted at school, NOW!


After saying bye to Nora and watching her bus drive away. It was much easier then last year. I still love and miss her but less jarring this year to have her ride off without me. The boys settled into brotherly contentment and playtime. It was peaceful in Our home. I cleaned up the morning mess, started laundry, checked emails, they played. We read books, drew at the art table, and then I took my two boys; along with Dale to run some errands.


We went to Panera for lunch. This is the boys hoping and wishing the buzzer will go off. With Dale, me, Caleb and Gavin the four of us conversed, giggled, had a grand time. We came home, got Nora off of the bus. She was eager to share her day. Talking a mile a minute about everything. She eagerly put away her school stuff, helped me unpack her lunch. Yes, this school year was going to be awesome. We got this.
And then the second day of school hit… my kids had to be almost pulled out of bed. I realized I have just about 9 months of this. So the spring in my step was less pronounced. By Thursday my kids moved like snails, I stopped speaking their language apparently. You know how that happens. “Nora, put your socks on…. Nora please put your socks on… Nora! Get you socks on…” She stares blankly at me just realizing I am in the room. I am taking back my first statement. I speak their language, I am just invisible and mute to them. Strange affliction that came on only during school, and only after the first day.


Then the end of the week. We are tired, cranky, hungry earlier because breakfast is eaten earlier. My boys think that with them waking up two hours earlier then in the summer they can still bounce along throughout the day with no nap.


Oh how wrong their assumption is. As I write this Nora should be checking the lost and found for her lunch box at school. She thought she put it in the right spot, but it disappeared. Imagine that, not even a full week and we have a missing lunch box.


My boys are getting to the bored phase of this transition. Without Nora and her imagination they are now forced to be on their own. Oh the horror! They have to make up their own games. No, not them. They now come to Mommy for ideas on what to play. I have been trying to relish these moments with just my boys, after all next week they start preschool. Caleb in pre K4 three times a week. And Gavin in pre K3 two times a week. I will miss them just as much as I miss Nora, I love my crew of little’s. And for one day my house for four whole hours will be devoid of kids. Truthfully I am beyond saddened of that. I know the time alone will be glorious, I can get so much done. Not feel guilty I am cutting into time with my kids to get it done. But, my house with no kids… that is not my home. They are.


But, for now it is Friday! By 3:30 pm today we will have gotten through the first week. Conquered the transition from lazy summer to school time. Next week the boys start preschool. It will be another transition, of course. But the jolt to reality has already happened. The band aide has been ripped off. We came away with tired kids, slow starts, whining mornings, temper tantrum afternoons, and cranky, exhausted evenings. But, WE CAN DO THIS! There is so much written about the first day, the first day is the easy stuff. It is the other 179 days that are what matters.
The first day is the fluff, easy peasy lemon squeezy as my kids say. I know my kids will learn so much, grow, change, mature just a little more throughout the school year. But, sitting here now…. well this year feels like a long time. A really long time. Only 176 days to go!
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  1. So cute! It's always fun to be spending time with the kids! 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness! This was the most enjoyable post to read yet! I was laughing, crying, laughing again, nodding my head in agreement, sharing your words with friends and realizing EACH AND EVERYTHING YOU SAID WAS TRUE FOR EVERY PARENT OUT THERE! Awesome post and glad to hear you all made it through your first week of school. We did too, but I only have one and he is almost done with the "high school" thing,,being 16 I don't have to deal with any of what you do. Mine gets up on his own and I don't have to even wake up if I don't want to but I do anyway to spend some Mom and Son time before our day starts..wonder how long that will last? My hat goes off to you Emily! You make me VERY proud to be your Mom!

  3. Such a real post. The first day is great and then it all starts to fall apart. Reading this I kept thinking, sorry, and then comes daylight savings time. That always messes everything up again. I would frame those faces of the cutie crying. They are hilarious. Good luck. You are doing great.

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