My home office update

My home office update

I updated my desk area a little more. This room combines a lot of things. It is my home office base. It is the library for my kids. All of their books are stored in the spool. So this is the place we go as a family to get lost in a book. We also have this as the kids art area.  This room wears a lot of hats. It needs to be functional but visually appealing since it is right off of the living room. It is constantly evolving as our family’s needs, and mine with this blog and other commitments are coming up. It was time to add some organizing.


the X wood detailing on the wall above the bench will be on Homedit soon. I am a contributor over there and will have the full tutorial shortly.
This is my new and improved desk. I added some pretty and some function. The wood paper tray was a quick little project I whipped up after I saw one similar at Target. Being inspired and then putting that inspiration to use in my home and my space is one of my favorite parts of decorating my home. I see something and DIY it up to make it work for me. I think being comfortable in this room is very much part of my productivity. If my desk is consumed with mess, I am forced to have one tiny corner on the dinner table to work. I feel rushed and needing to be done far before I am actually done with writing.
I got these small buckets from Target in the dollar area. You can’t beat that! I was always loosing pens, my scissors, forgot I had a hole puncher. It got messy and fuzzy in what I had because it was not readily available. I can redo a bathroom, but apparently thinking of quick organization for my office supplies was beyond me. Not anymore! I added the chalkboard sign to make it even more functional. Notice the label of Mom’s stuff. My kids have a tendency to take my pens or anything. I put up a fair warning. Only one child can read as of right now, but the rules have been stated and are clear.


Here is what they started as.


Six of these chalkboard signs were in the scrap booking area in the store. It was as simple as peeling off the adhesive and smoothing it over the can.


And we are done. Hands down the quickest project ever. From start to finish it was about 5 minutes. I don’t even think I can call it a project, but I did redo it a little.
Now onto the rest of this room, just to show off a bit of where I am inspired. A few things have changed and I hope to eventually change even more.
This spool is a place where the kids and I get lost in books together. I am a big time reader and I have passed that onto my kids.


Call me old fashioned but there is nothing better and easier then writing ideas down in a notebook. Dale tells me to put it on the computer. But me physically writing it down, getting my thoughts on paper is my go to form still. Always has been, always will be. I am into the classics like that.


Music is a huge part of our life. My husband and I do not play any musical instrument, but are huge fans of music. Going to multiple concerts a year. Music is almost always on in the background here at Our home. It is something we encourage our kids to dabble in. These acoustic guitars somehow ended up in our house from family. I am sure they are horribly out of tune. But my kids can jam out just the same. This room is all about creativity, writing, reading, art, and music. It is the best place to work.


Even Teddy my dog finds this spot a comfortable spot to rest his head.


If I am needing to put my feet up while working I break out my computer tray I created. Sit down on the bench in this home office and allow my writing juices to flow a little easier with me in a more relaxed state.


This is the area in this room where my kids come to create. This art table allows them to come anytime inspiration strikes. Creating a story, a picture, scribbling, whatever. There is no rules at the art table. And is never this clean, because as I said; there is no rules here. Most of the time a mess is part of the chaos that is art and creating.

This space gets used a lot. By myself with work and my kids for fun and creativity. I would love to turn the window into a door, the patio is just outside that window. To be able to take my lap top and move freely within indoors and outdoors with the ease of simply opening the door. We also have vaulted ceilings in the living room, so if I could vault the ceilings in this room as well would be wonderful. Making it feel even more expansive and airy. No one wants to feel cramped up when working. And sometimes the size of the space cannot be fixed. But the feel of it can make the space feel bigger. There are lots of ideas and ways to be inspired by others to create your work space. I think it is so important to have a space to call your own that is just for work and inspiration. Sometimes one in your home is not an option. There is great companies like Wework where you can have a space of your own to work within a building. They also have great ideas for ways to make a office work for anyone. Or you can peruse Target aisles like I do and knock off their ideas. Either way try and carve out a little nitch for yourself to work, create, think, dream, or just be. Sometimes even work can be therapeutic if you have a little corner in the world to be able to do just that.
Where do you like to do your work and creativity?



  1. Love it! It looks like such a great space to create!

  2. This is such a nice space, thoughtfully pulled together! Getting things organized is always on my mind. I love labels and it's awesome that those chalkboard labels are everywhere nowadays. I have quite a few packs. Only thing is…the kids want to erase what I write. Ha :). I'm currently (since summer) have been scouting my house, trying to find my own space for writing, crafting, etc. Right now, it's throughout the house. Will anchor down a spot soon :). Btw, love your desk & chair!

    • I know what you mean with finding a space for yourself. It is important. I find that I am much more productive when I am in the home office. Any other room and I am distracted and rushed. This room was a big thorn in my side for a while. Figuring out furniture placement and function was difficult. But I finally got it. And am not making the organized part work a little better. Good luck finding your "you" space.

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