Master bathroom reveal

Master bathroom reveal

Here it is! Today is the day, I am sharing the full bathroom reveal. For all of you following it all started with a random spur of the moment bathroom face lift. The face lift turned into a full on redo. We did everything but the floors. I spoke about the tile here, the installation of wall sconces here, and the cabinet and counter top redo here. There is still a few small things I will highlight next week, but I wanted to get this reveal out there. I am so excited for this to be done! I had not really put much priority on this bathroom prior to my late night painting idea. Now that it is done I wish it was a little bigger so I could fit a small chair in here. I would happily sit in this relaxing and bright bathroom room and relax.

here it is, the last time I will show this off, the before picture.






This strip of different tile was a huge step for me. And one I was really worried about. I think it adds so much to the bathroom. Another example of me listening to my decorating instincts.




We do have a shower here, it is tucked away in the corner. Just a standard drop in shower. And I assure you if I had been able to get a full shot of the shower curtain I would have. But this bathroom is so small that is not possible. It works, it gets me clean, and helps relax my sore muscles after a long bathroom redo.


This is the light and subtle detailing on the shower curtain. This was here previously and goes wonderfully with the new and imp[roved bathroom. Of course it is on my wish list to tile the shower and add a glass door. That is a little further off then adding some tile to the tiny floor space.



Adding some small decor pieces was necessary in here. To make it feel finished and put together, but not too cluttered. Confession time, we do usually have some tooth brushes in a holder here. I took them away for the pictures. But other then that, this is how it looks most of the time. There is not much space to leave clutter. Another confession, this bathroom is so small some pictures were taken with me awkwardly standing over the toilet or squished in a corner. But, I got the shot!



The counter top got a lot of gook and other stuff when installing the tiles. I am going to sand this down and re stain it. Then put a coat of two of lacquer over it. So the smudges will not be here for long. I will show off how it looks once that is redone.


Black trim! I am so in love with this trim. I am seriously thinking about painting the trim black in our bedroom. That is the next step in redo’s. It has the original faux wood. This black makes the bathroom feel so fancy. We mixed the paint using a light gray and a really dark gray that we already had. So this is custom paint. How you like that? We are so chic and custom!




These are what I will be breaking down next week. Our towel and toilet paper holder. The old galvanized pipes have made a comeback. I may or may not be completely obsessed with using these the pipes. I thought the idea of using them here was fun, quirky, and a way to rough up the light and white color scheme going on.


Yes, the floors are on my not too distant future to do list. If Dale had it his way we would not be touching anything else in this bathroom for a while. I am feeling like it is not all done without the tile I have in my head. Would it be grounds for divorce if I just went and purchased and installed the tiles on a whim behind his back? The old irreconcilable tile and home decor differences clause.


And that is it! I hope you enjoyed it, it was worth the wait, and that you found some little nuggets of inspiration. I think total we spent around $260 in here. More then our zero budget had allotted, but still really do able. I think we spent the money well, made it stretch as much as possible. It was worth it, and I am so happy I had the spur of the moment thought to paint. Yes, it snowballed. But it forced us to redo it. And taking the time, money and energy for a space that is really just for Dale and I was nice. It is the last area to update, and it is on its way to being shiny, and fancy.
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  1. very nice space and thanks for all the tutorials on how to get this stuff done, it is very help full. I may not comment all the time but I read all the time.

  2. Thank you, I am happy you find this helpful and enjoy stopping by. I enjoy your comments when you do say something 🙂

  3. So much brighter! Way to go!! My favorite part is the wall of tile 🙂

  4. Looks great, Emily! I love how much brighter it is! Great makeover for sure!! 🙂

  5. So striking! Great job. Thanks for linking up with us at The DIY'ers!

  6. I absolutely love this! Beautiful. Pinned. It is so fun to party with you. Thank you. I hope to see you at our party on Monday at 7 pm.
    Happy Saturday! Lou Lou Girls

  7. Love it! I don't think it would be grounds for divorce, he'll probably jump for joy if you did it all yourself and then just showed him:) Thanks for sharing it with us at the Teach Me Tuesday Linky Party:)

  8. OMG I am loving the after. You did so much with a small space and it looks great. The small details you added in give it the perfect touch.

  9. Thank you for sharing with us at Retro RePin! I chose to feature this during this week's party. I hope you stop by and link up again! Have a great week~

  10. Hey – rather than replacing your floor tile, I've seen lots of success stories out there in DIY-land where people have painted. And your particular tile might easily paint into a compatible theme with all your b/w!

    • First of all, I LOVE DIY-land, amazing place 😉 I have seen some of the floors painted, that is a really good idea for my space. I guess worst case scenario I dislike it and cover it up with tile anyways. Thank you for the great idea!

  11. Sorry if this is a repeat comment, but I love it! So beautiful, and I especially love the towel and paper holders, I'm stealing that idea!!

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