first day of preschool fail

first day of preschool fail

Today was supposed to be my littlest little Gavin’s first day of school. He is starting prek 3. I say was supposed to. We have had one child in school for a total of one week and have been hit with school virus bugs already.

This was him yesterday morning, ready to take Caleb to his first day of preschool
And this was him needing extra cuddles yesterday afternoon. I should have seen the signs.

Yesterday Gavin had a runny nose, cut to about 10pm. He wakes up whining and crying. We cuddle him close and a horrible cough comes out of him, he is burning up and miserable. How? What? When? Huh? Short story, well shorter.. it was a rough night. And I had to send a email to his preschool teacher on his first day of school that he is going to not be in. Is that a record? I feel like it should be. He is currently asleep on the couch, like I said. It was a long night. My plan for the day is to cuddle up with my little man, and hope he can start school….eventually!


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