Falling into fall decor

Falling into fall decor

I picked this branch from a dead vine in our backyard.
The fall decor is slowly seeping into Our home. It started with a few fall projects. Some for this blog and some for my contributing posts on other places. Once they were done it did not make sense to put them away. If you are a frequent reader you would know that when it comes to home decor I am slightly impulsive. Ok, really impulsive. I find that if I think too much on a decision I over think it. I am only this way with home decor, everything else in my life I am complete type A, need to know all the facts. So with fall decor I could say I am holding out until October 1st, and then the next morning whip out the pumpkins and Halloween-ify my house.


This little guy was purchased at Michael’s. A subtle fall accessory.

I have started the purge of the house already. I am removing the clutter, some knick knacks off of the shelf. So there is room for fall stuff.


Owls and porcupines made out of pine cones. It CANNOT get more fall-ish then that. I am loving little woodland creatures for fall, it is becoming a natural progression. Tiny woodland creatures equals fall!


So, there is a slow transition here in Our home. I am leaning towards the natural route with fall decor. Woodland creatures, wood, bark, sticks, leaves, and more gold and browns. A little difference from years past for me. I think I am just becoming more comfortable with creating my own, thinking differently, and the shift is heading towards the “natural” fall decor route. You know, the have a porcupine on your console table kind of natural…… well….. not completely natural. But you get the point! Have a wonderful weekend, and have fun with any new fall decorating you may do this weekend.
What are the colors and themes you are feeling this fall in home decor?




  1. I love the natural stuff so much better then the plastic fake stuff and you can just throw it in the composter at the end of the year and make new different stuff next year and not store it and take up space.

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