Dollar store challenge #2

Dollar store challenge #2

Today is Dollar store challenge time! I decided every month I would take something from the dollar store and use it, up cycle it, redo it, whatever. Only using things purchased from a dollar store, or things from home to help with the up cycle. I am getting festive, fall festive to be exact with this edition of the series.

Here is what I started with, some big, paper leaves
After trying to figure out what I would do, I broke out some twine and played around with it. While getting out my always available twine I got it. Door handle leaf decor. That is a thing right? If not, it should be. For Christmas I always have bows on each door knob or handle in Our home. So, I made something similar for fall.


Taking the twine, cutting it about 7 inches long. Enough to tie around a door knob. Then placing the small stick part of the leaf in the middle of the twine.


Wrap the stick once or twice around the twine.



Cut the excess off of the stick, then tuck what little is remaining around the twine, towards the back of the leaf.
I now have a leaf, twine, door handle decor. Just what was perfect to up the fall ante here at Our home




I used orange and dark red. And am alternating them on the doors in my home. To end this project I simply tied them in a nice bow over the door handles.



That is it! My cheap and easy project. I am talking $1 whole dollar cheap. I have them on all of the interior doors, and it adds a little something to the hallway especially. I usually don’t decorate for fall at all in the hallway. But it is a huge area in Our home, so now there is a little fall there too. This week is going to be packed with stuff here at Our house now a home. Tomorrow will be the bathroom reveal day, my month in review post, by the end of the week I am going to give ca fall home tour. I have a lot of fall and Halloween inspired projects coming up. So be on the look out for a lot of new, inspiring, fun, and fall content here. I cannot wait to share it all with you. I am off to finish one small project that needs to be done for the fall home tour. Have a wonderful start to your week!





  1. Very cute idea for some thing so simple. You should take a long shot of your hallway so we can see many of then in one place.

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