The goods from last month

The goods from last month

I feel like as I add more content sometimes things get buried. There is some interesting things I write about, some fluff, some awesome projects (if I do say so myself), link parties, and other chatter through out the month. So I have decided to add a month review of what I have been up to project wise. This way if someone stumbles upon my blog they have a quick and easy way of finding my most recent projects. Really the big and bad of this here little blog.

low cost and sweet anniversary present
I made this for my husband a few years ago. I write sweet poems or songs I come across that pertain to us and our love. He gets to update it too. We share our love through words. Corny, yes. Beyond mushy and lovable, yes. A great way to tell your partner how much you love them, absolutely.
Patio reveal and furniture revival

We inherited this furniture from family. It needed some updating, so I added some yellow paint. A few fails later and I finally got it right.
patio reveal and furniture revivalDIY industrial/rustic console table

This has to be one of my favorite projects yet. I adore every single little thing of this table, it is a long post and tutorial but I think I made it informative and interesting enough.
industrial console table

Beautiful chandelier redo

I spent $8 total on this light purchased at Goodwill. It added so much to my dining room. And was such an easy and quick redo.
ceiling chandelier redo


So that is what has been keeping me busy this past month. Well that and a few kids, plans, laundry, dishes, link parties, funny and interesting posts to keep you entertained. Just a few things. But I hope if you missed some of these now you can go back and peruse away. What have you been up to this past month?



  1. This looks great…. I love the yellow paint on the chairs and table outside…. really adds a nice splash of color to such a beautiful patio and yard. Many nice projects… Thank you for sharing this. 🙂

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