still here, and still redoing our bathroom

still here, and still redoing our bathroom

Hello all! I am still here, still doing the bathroom. I know, I know. Remember, I spoke about my random and spur of the moment bathroom redo? Well it is in the finishing stages. Sort of…..

Tiling is done, and grouted. By the way, don’t put the grout on late at night and assume you can finish it up the next day. You can, it does not set right away. But your fingers will thank you for not waiting. Just fair warning, it is a lot harder to get the grout looking clean. I.E. using your nails to dig in each tile crack to even out the grout. Piece by piece.


Here we are, getting things done. We have never done dark grout. But I wanted to make this a modern/classic bathroom. I hope it has the right look. Remember, this is a spur of the moment project. It is coming together really well, but I did not obsess over the look and accessories like I usually do. So, I am a little nervous to see how it turns out.


This is mirror number 2 purchased. The first one was great, gorgeous, great detailing. But it did not fit in with this bathroom. So we returned it, found one that is a little more simple. And it was cheaper then the first mirror. This one is the keeper.


Here is the big step for me. This little detailing on the tile. This has different stones and colors of gray and white in it. Really nice. But, I am nervous. I have never added something like this. I am stretching my home decor skills. Will it be a big fail? Is the suspense killing you like it is me? Just imagine as we were putting it in horror film like music playing in the background. That is how I felt putting in this little 3 inch strip of tile.


This is the pine stained counter top. New counter tops for $20, cant beat that. So folks, this is all I am showing you, for now. This is no reveal, no how to, there is no tutorials. Just showing why I have been a little less active this week on here. It is also the last week of summer. Nora goes back to school next week. I am trying to get as many cuddles, love and fun in the sun before it is homework, crazy mornings, and all that is kids in school chaos. I am still deciding if I will do the reveal first, or break it down in tutorials and then the reveal. Let me know what you all think should come first. I will take all answers into consideration…. and then do what I choose. But still, let me know. We have a deadline of getting this all done by Saturday. We are having a bunch of people over for a end of summer/my birthday party. And as of right now we have no faucet in, and a table lamp as the sole light in the room. Now excuse me, it is back to touching up the trim for the 10th time.
Have you ever started a project, that morphed into a much bigger project? Did you regret it, or happy you took the plunge?



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