seating area loveliness

seating area loveliness


It is FRIDAY! Just had to get that out there. I know I don’t work outside the home. Or really at all, this here blog is my only job other then my crew of little’s. So the weekends are somewhat similar to the week days for me. But, there is just something exciting and different about the weekends. The anticipation of the fun to be had. I am sharing today a little corner of my bedroom. Our master bedroom has not been touched with projects, reno’s or anything. The baseboards are still the faux wood. The wall is still a former white and now dirty off white color. The window curtains are some random light brown that we had in our first apartment together. This is the room that we are never in. EVER. But we do have this sweet and wonderful little sitting area that has come together.

To start out the tour I am sharing the “seating” part of this seating area. I purchased these chairs from craigslist for cheap. Re did them, full tutorial is here. I love them in here. My bed is a dark, dark, wood color. With a black leather tufted headboard. Usually I don’t do a lot of black in the house. But in the big and expansive white bedroom the darker furniture works really well in here.


I broke down the book shelf update. That sits in the corner of the room, right by the window.


Ok, so the really awesome tree picture was purchased at World Market. I fell in
love with it long before it finally went on clearance and I was able to buy it. I may or may not have stopped by the store anytime I was in the area, to visit my beloved picture. Watching the price go down, little by little. Then is was gone. I sadly walked over to the clearance section, hoping to cheer myself up with something and there it is. The last tree picture marked down a whole lot. It is lovely.


This fireplace was purchased at a antique store. There is no insert in it, but it can have a heater inside it. I want to eventually raise this fireplace up a little with a thicker and taller base. Make it seem more real fireplace like and less tiny little fireplace. But it is really pretty.







I have to stop and get all sweet here for a minute. This dried hydrangea was given to me by Dale on our wedding day. It was delivered to me when I was getting my hair done, with the sweetest and most wonderful note ever. I wanted nothing more in that moment then to rush through the whole wedding shindig and just be with my man. That whole not seeing each other the day of the wedding is horrible. It is such a hectic day, I wanted my favorite person to lean on and talk through the stress with. My Grandma (who has never received a flower she does not dry) saved this in the wedding craziness and dried it for me. One of my favorite things ever in our home.



In case you were worrying, Teddy is never far behind. He is right under my feet. Or following me around the house. All the time.


The little end table is one of three I purchased from a garage sale when I got my first apartment at 19. When I went to rummage sale’s because I had to, not because I wanted to. Most of the stuff from then has either been donated, sold or redid. But these tables have been used, moved and are still finding places in my home, just as the way they were when I bought them.


What is that you ask? Why, yes this is my industrial computer tray. I created it, with full tutorial here. I use it when I am working on the computer in bed, or on the couch. But when it is not in use, it becomes my foot rest-er, and decor accessory display area.



I got this canvas from Target for Dale. My software developing, code monkey, nerd husband of mine.
So, that is my little seating area tour. A few projects have been added here. I guess I lied when saying no projects have been done. But there is big plans for this room. I just have to psyche myself up enough to paint the really tall and vaulted ceiling, the trim and three door’s worth of trim in here. Lots of work to do, for a room I don’t see until it is dark outside. When I can escape during the day in here I adore sitting in this little seating area. I think everyone deserves a little spot that is just for them. And Dale and I have that, if we ever get to disappear long enough to enjoy it.
Enjoy your weekend! I am off to see the parade of homes here in the Milwaukee area on Saturday. So excited to tour the new homes, latest trends and architecture, and have some one on one time with my assistant Dale. Hey, we may or may not be squeezing in a date night too. What are the plans for you this weekend?






  1. Now that looks like a GREAT place to put up my feet and read a book!!

  2. Love that area it is very nice to just sit there thanks for creating it.

  3. This is a great area to relax, and hopefully as the little ones get older you can enjoy it more and more both of you!

  4. Such a nice room, and it looks so cozy! Love it! Thanks for sharing at Snickerdoodle. 🙂

  5. I love your seating area! Everyone needs a spot to sneak off to with a good book. Your fireplace is beautiful and that lovely picture was definitely worth the wait. Thanks for sharing with Creative Spark Link Party. Hope you join us again tomorrow.
    Glenna @ My Paper Craze

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