random and spur of the moment master bathroom redo

random and spur of the moment master bathroom redo

So, there it was, Saturday night. 7pm, just us at Our home. The kids were occupied playing in their rooms, I was putting things away around the house. My evening tradition of putting things in their rightful home. Winding down the Saturday. And it hit me. We should paint our bathroom. I run to Dale and tell him my plans. He gives me “that look”. Hear me out I say, “We have tons of left over paint, we can use it to paint the walls. Paint the trim, and maybe get some trim to go around the mirror. It will look great and we can get 95% of it done tonight!”. He eyes me skeptically, but agrees. Why? I have no clue, I don’t even know if he could tell you. Happy wife, happy life? Maybe…


We mix the light, light, almost white gray of our living room. This was the first big paint job we had done, and did not have our home decorating “balls” yet. Well we grew those cajones and have always thought that the gray was a little too light. So in this case with our bathroom we mixed it with a darker gray. We had purchased a while ago a gray at the clearance section of a home improvement store. It was already mixed and on sale for $3. We never used it, until now. This is where you can see that we are a bit more seasoned in this DIY stuff. We simply poured and mixed until we thought we got it right. Our old selves would have been hyperventilating with worry on how the color would come out. We knew it was just gray, more or less we would end up liking it regardless.


One last look of the wall and trim.


We also always seem to have a few gallons of white laying around here. For trim, furniture, and who knows what. So this cabinet got painted white.


We are pros at this painting thing now, no tape needed. And because this is a random on a whim Saturday night redo. This is the lazy mans version of painting. It works!


Why are we removing the sink you ask? Well my friends, this one night only redo became expanded on, twice. The first expansion involves replacing the old formica laminate counter top. Now since this is a spur of the moment redo we are doing it as cheap as possible. I laugh at this notion, because since this first addition things have gone up, up, and UP, in cost. But, the first up mark was a wood pine counter top. We found one for $21 at the hardware store. Almost perfect fit. Used a stain leftover from other projects. Really cheap and only a little extra cost. So far, so good.


Here is the new counter top, in the process of being stained. I am loving the dark and rustic appeal of this.


Here is our trim. It is true, we are painting it black. I know this will be a room with divided opinions. People who see it will either love the black trim or hate it. There will not be any in between. I love the look of a dark wood trim with light walls. I have been mulling the idea over in my mind to paint our whole bedroom trim black. So this is a dress rehearsal for that. It is in our master bathroom, we are the only ones that use it except a few times a year when we have people over. If it turns out weird looking we can either deal with it. Or remove and replace the tiny bit of trim in here. Did I mention this is a tiny bathroom? This was part of the appeal and way I convinced Dale to do this. It will take us Saturday night, and a little on Sunday. No big deal. I will let you in on one secret. It is Monday morning, we have paint, trim, counter top, no light and no sink in. Why you ask?


This. These three holes. Well since this picture there is only two holes. Two things happened that made us take this project to a whole new level. One, when removing the counter tops there was some damage to the wall. We did get lucky and the damage is only in one area, in the back. But a normal drywall repair will not work. We repaired the portion that had lines and small damage. No problem, the big damage done is with the paper from the drywall itself. It is ripped off and peeling. Dale and I were not sure what to do. Short of cutting a whole new piece of drywall. So there needs to be some kind of cover up here. Problem two, this is really a Dale and Emily induced problem. We decided to add a different mirror and put in wall sconces on either side.
That my friends is where I will leave you for now. The above picture has a hole in the middle where the old light was. Really, REALLY off center. Thank you home builders. The two other holes are for our future wall sconces. The hole on the right has a 2×4 directly in its center, the hole on the left has a water pipe to the right of the hole. Still in the hole. So two, big obstacles. See we have to insert cans into the drywall to hold and anchor the sconces and the electrical. We only have a small space, so moving them to the right or left is really not an option either. I am guessing the 2×4 and piping in here is why the light fixture hole is off centered. Like us, they had no other options. We have gotten further along since this picture, our sconces are in. And we figured out a solution for the damaged wall. Tile. Yes, our third trip to Menards (our go to home improvement store) in one day we purchased tile. The store peeps knew us, asked about our project, our kids were ready to murder us on mention of another run to the store. They also made a nice little jingle with the phrase “Hate, boring, Menards, Mommy and Daddy. blah, blah, blah.” It was all a haze, so foggy. We did bribe them with watching a movie on the car ride to the store. So there is that.
As I am writing this I am sitting in my paint clothes. Ready to go tackle some touch ups of paint, and get to more tiling. I just got through the piles of dishes in the kitchen, and picked up around the house. When doing any kind of home improvement plan for a maid to clean up while you are so occupied, and a chef. Or be prepared to eat out, a lot! No one wants to be working on something all day and then cook. But see, we would have planned and budgeted for this, if this had been a planned and budgeted project. Just a little paint I said…… right…..


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  1. Too funny, Emily! Your hubby really does get a metal for going along with this late night, on-the-whim plan. I bet the results will be great. Can't wait for reveal 🙂

    • He sure does! After 7 years of marriage we have learned each other quirks, I guess mine is random bathroom redo's. I cant wait for the reveal either! It is still not all the way done. Life keeps getting in the way of us working in there.

  2. Now I can start something like that at 5 am but not at 7 pm!! LOL! Thanks so much for stopping by!!


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