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I am sharing with you all one of the homes I saw in the parade of homes here in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. I spoke about the homes and shared some highlights. I am starting off with the first home we saw in the series.

This home is built by Beilinski homes, called The independence. It is a ranch, french manor style three bedroom 2,200 square feet. The model home price, what you see is what you get is $498,900. Base price is $259,990. I am not sure how base it would be. This home was top notch, so I assume lots of upgrades were shown. Anyways, on with the pretty…


This is the foyer light, stunning. I can truly say I have not seen a light like this. It had a very DIY feel to it. Almost like it was something you would see for sale on Etsy. Probably cost a lot more then I would ever pay for a light, but it was fun to admire it.


I liked these floors a lot. With the white trim and light gray walls the dark wood floors added such a warmth to the space. The fact that there was a foyer, but it was all still open floor plan is a nice thing to have.


I apologize for the lighting in these pictures. It was so bright with all of the windows I had a hard time making my camera take good pictures. But, I feel like big windows and lots of light is always a win. The ceiling was really unique. It had lights around the top of it. Also the furniture in this house was awesome. The combination of light and dark tones was done so well in here.


This kitchen! The lights are great, the subway tile with dark grout, the upper cabinets with lights. So much about this took my breathe away. This was one of my favorite kitchens in the whole tour. It had great flow, and had classic and modern touches to it.


This is the living room ceiling, a different ceiling then a lot of the homes. It was a great way to add lighting instead of recessed lights.


This was the formal dining room off of the front door. It had another ceiling detail to it. Come to think of it almost all of the homes had some kind of detail to them. Plain and simple ceilings are just not where it is right now. And my home is begging to have this trend.


I liked how they had this microwave lower. It was a drawer one, which makes it being lower a lot more functional. I like having the use of a microwave, but they take up a lot of space on the counter tops, and ones over the stove are always awkward to take things out if you are not 6ft tall.


I don’t know if I will ever think subway tile is not a good idea. This is a trend that I hope will stick around, it is such a clean and classic look. Also my kitchen has it all over the place, so there is that. I liked the clean look of the white tile and white cabinets. Usually that color scheme would make it feel sterile, but the flooring and counter tops warmed it up. The counter tops were a quartz with flecks of black, gray and brown in them.


Ummm…. stove envy? Yes!


A lot of the houses had these top square cabinets with glazed glass. The fact that this one was all open, with glass shelves as well made it feel like a massive space.


The hardware made this kitchen feel more contemporary. Otherwise it would have had a very classic feel to it. I like the simple detailing on the cabinet doors.


This was a nice and simple mud room area right in the laundry room, and off of the garage.


I like the idea of having storage above the washer and dryer. You can never have too much storage in a home, ever.


A sink in the laundry room. Something you never think will be useful, until you need one. I thought this counter top was fun and different.


The bedrooms were a pretty good size. I don’t mind wood floors in a bedroom, I like the look of it. But Dale is 110% against them, he wants plush and soft carpet in bedrooms. Since it is so important to him, Our home will never have wood floors in the bedrooms. See, I can compromise too.


This is the hallway or guest bathroom. I liked that the cabinets were the sames as the kitchen, just a darker color. Also the same door hardware, it made it all flow and feel cohesive.


This tile was actually glass tile. It had a gray/green look to it. I liked it a lot.


All of the ceilings were ten feet tall. Most houses have 8ft tall ceilings unless vaulted. Even the flat ceilings were 10ft. I really, really liked this. It surprised me that I did because I never really thought about it. But all of the rooms had a larger feel to it because of the ceiling height.


I liked this ceiling in the master. It was detailed, but not overdone.


The windows on either side of the bed were nice too.


This was fun for me to see the tile going vertical, I would have put this tile going the other direction. So seeing this gave me an idea on other ways to tile. Also the addition of the colored tile on the side was a nice surprise.


It is hard to tell here, but these lights were stunning. Exposed bulbs with Edison bulbs inside them. I like the combination of dark cabinets with light everything else. Also, good thing it has two sinks. If you watch any house hunter’s episode you will know that this is a MUST. I don’t know how people can stay married otherwise, sharing sinks. Who does that?


              This sky light in the master bathroom was awesome. It had a touchscreen to open and close it automatically. I want one in our tiny, no window bathroom soooo bad!
Back in the living room to admire more of the details.


This sink is huge, and awesome. I can just imagine how simple and easy it is to wash big pans and plates in this. I guess that is a sign I am a official grown up, I dream of a big sink for ease of dishes.


Here is the front door, with the office door way. I like the windows around the front door. But the front door itself, I am not a fan of all windows. I need a little more privacy. That light though, gorgeous!


This is the ceiling in the study. I guess I did not take any pictures of the actual study. My attention went right to the ceiling. Can you blame me?


This house was the first one we saw that day, and it stayed in my top 5 throughout the whole tour. I liked the color, flow of the home, finishes, details, tall ceilings. It was all done so well. I think to me this house nailed it with the kitchen and the ceiling lights. I am in light envy right now. Next week I will have another of my favorite homes to highlight. What was something that stood out to you with this house?




  1. That was a very nice home. So many details through out.

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