no shoes, sundress, and flowers… perfection

no shoes, sundress, and flowers… perfection

Usually I do a project on Monday here at Our house now a home. But I am taking part in a special and fun blog hop on Wednesday where there will be a project to share. So my usual Monday routine is being thrown off, but for good reason!


I have already started to see fall decorations in stores, other websites are showing fall crafts. I understand it is always good to be ahead of the game. But here in Wisconsin we only get a short time of wonderful and warm weather. I am rushing nothing. So on this blog I am not going to rush the fall decor, or fall posts. In due time you will be inundated with fun fall-ish things. And then a overkill of Christmas decor, because I go big here at Our home.



But for now it is summer! And I am all about my flowers. I realized I am so ridiculously happy when cutting flowers and arranging them in vases. I am floating on fresh cut flower cloud 9. That is a thing, right? I sometimes feel like I am far beyond my 28 years because I have had many a detailed conversation with lovely women in stores or others areas about what I have in my garden, what tricks I use, how they found a great deal on buds. And all of these women could be my Grandma. Speaking of, I have called her too many times to count to ask about a certain flower or plant. I mean, nothing against Grandma’s. But I always assumed gardening was such a “Grandma” thing. However, I am happily in this crowd, cutting, pruning, and arranging away.

I take walks to get out of the house, exercise, feel the sun on my skin, wear out my kids, and see the good that is my neighbors yards flower game. I oh and ah over some people’s landscape. Plan how I can incorporate some of the flowers into mine. Yes, I am that person. On any given summer day you can find me in a sundress, barefoot, with my shears and a bucket. Cutting away. Then with my various vases (that may or may not be filling and over flowing from a cabinet), all purchased from Goodwill or yard sales. I cut, arrange, set around my home. And have been known to give a few arrangement’s to neighbors. It is ridiculous how much I get into this. And my hobby took me completely by surprise. I never knew I had it in me.

barefoot, and investigating an ant hill


So, because of my obsession and love for all things flower,s until my last bud wilts there will be posts on flowers here. My kids even know my love and adoration. If they see a new flower bloom they excitedly tell me about it and have to drag me over to see it. More then once my kids have pointed out a flower on the side of the road while driving, or commented on another’s garden while walking. I hope it instills in my kids a love of nature, taking it easy, slowing down, having pride in your environment, home, the Earth. They have already inherited one thing from me… being barefoot outside. Who needs shoes? That is for going places. On the grass, barefoot all the way.

What is your idea of summer perfection? Your happy place when it comes to summer?

I started them out young with the no shoe thing



  1. Love flowers too. I can't seem to grow them but I can sure buy them, hah. I bought a bunch at the Farmers Market on Saturday. They were closing and I lucked out. We had a open house yesterday (our house is for sale) . I stretched them as many places as I could. Too bad no one showed up.
    What a cute picture of all the little piggies. Love baby feet. My husband said I have a baaaby feet fettish as I love to smell their sweaty little pigs.

    • No matter where the flowers come from, I love them. Fresh flowers around the house are always a good thing. Sorry your open house did not have a crowd. I hope you are able to sell, but meanwhile you do get fresh flowers to enjoy 🙂

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