memory in a picture

memory in a picture

Memory in a picture, like a message in a bottle. Something that travels through time and brought back to see later. So with my blog being somewhat new still. 7 months old by the way, I am still trying to fine tune what works and what does not. I assumed initially to keep it all about home decor, DIY projects and anything having to do with interior design would be all that this blog would consist of. But it has morphed into a bit more. I have also noticed through my other avenues of reaching people; Twitter and Facebook that throwing in some me, and my family seems to reach even more people. So I am shuffling things again, seeing what works, and what does not.

So I will be sharing some memory’s in a picture. Just some snapshots of my family, kids, my dog, my home. Whatever happened that seems to capture something in time that I want to remember.
Who better to share this very flattering and oh so professional picture

with then you lovely people.

I share my home with you everyday. Share the ends and outs, every nook and cranny of this space. But, as I have spoken about before, what makes my house a home are the people in it. My three children, me, my husband, and my dog. We create this space into a home.


So how can I expect to keep things “professional” when sharing my home, and not my life? I also would love to get to know the people visiting here. I see my blog page view numbers, I read the wonderful comments. But I don’t get to know you much. I would love for you to share some of your moments of the week. Whatever they are. Let me see your lovely lives. Even if it is a kid throwing a tantrum in a store, or a huge mess of paint that got splattered everywhere. Show me your’s and I will show you mine.



I am going to share once a week some memories from my life from the week. Show you the part of my home that lives and breathes. I would love for you to share your moments with me too. Tweet a picture and hashtag it #memoryinapicture. Then when you do, it will be seen on this post too. So you get to see other’s memories of the week. We can laugh, ohh, and awe, or be amazed by what people are sharing. This way you all get to know me and I get to know you. Come on, everyone has a camera in their pocket at all times. Take it out, remember a moment and share it.

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