how small is too small?

I am kind of, sort of completely enamored with these homes. They are called tiny houses. There is a show on the FYI network called Tiny house nation. But this concept has been around for a while. They are homes, some on wheels and some stationary. All between 200 – 500 square feet. And the 500 square feet ones are considered mansions.

The idea behind this movement is to be able to travel around, live wherever, simplify your life. Get rid of your baggage, literally and figuratively. Also these homes can be made for as little as $10,000. So if you sold your current monstrosity 1800 square foot house you could buy one of these mini homes and live for almost free. Well at least no mortgage. People can go off the grid, working on the road, becoming citizens of the world instead of just your little corner of the world.
These take cozy to a whole other kind of level. But in a strange way they seem so appealing to me. I like the idea of just going and being. Taking your home anywhere you are. Being home all the time, anywhere sounds great. I am a complete home-body. And the idea of me, Dale and our three Little’s being together, living, laughing, loving, exploring. It seems so romantic and perfect.
These homes can be made anyway you want. If it is going to be a mobile tiny house you have some specific weight and size restrictions with it being on the road. But over all these homes can be really creative and different. Some have full size kitchens, well tiny versions of full sized kitchens. All have fully functioning bathrooms.
Most of the homes have a loft where either a bedroom or lounge is set at. Yes some of these have a lounge area. Obviously some really serious organizing and storage solutions are needed. But no matter how many organizing tricks you have this is not a home for someone who hoards. Or even has more then 5 shirts.
Once I started really thinking about this, and right before I put my house on the market so we could travel the world together in our tiny house. I thought, wait 5 people, together, in the space that is the size of my kitchen. Ummm, not to be so blunt, but if someone is peeing in the bathroom you will probably hear the stream of pee in any part of the house. Closed doors or not there is only so much sound proofing you can do.
Where exactly do you put groceries? I mean no amount of simplifying your life will take away the fact that you need to eat. Store leftovers, have a gallon of milk in the fridge. I don’t get that at all. And then there is the whole, being together ALL THE TIME. I adore my kids, you wont find someone who loves those three little ones more then me. But, them, their toys, art stuff, homework, blankets, pillows, books, and stuffed animals. Those things are out of control, they multiply. Where does all of that go? And how does one expect to remain sane in dealing with all of that literally under your feet. And around your feet, on your head, on the table, probably in the sink. I cant even begin to fathom how that all works. My sanity is needed, which I guess means some space for “stuff”.
If Dale and I did not have our crew of three this would be something I could see us doing. We are one of those couples that really like spending time together. He is my favorite person ever, and when he is gone I miss him. When we are home we do move throughout the house together usually. I know, weird. We are that un healthy and codependent couple you know and roll your eyes at. Hi there! So this would be ideal for us. But we run in a crew that is 5 deep. And I just cant see this working for us.
We did discuss how this would be a great idea for a lake house. It is our dream to one day have a lake house no more then 2 hours from our current home. When the kids are in middle school or so. We can have boats, and other lake toys. Go for weekends, have fun. You know, right when the kids are looking to ditch us on weekends we will reel them back in with bribes of boats and jest skis at the lake house. These tiny homes would be great for that. It would force us to get outside, don’t stay in. We could have a huge deck attached to it.
So me being, well me got really into it. Discussing lay out, must haves. And our tiny house turned into two tiny houses. One for us and the kitchen/living area. And one for the kids and guests to sleep. With a huge deck and maybe a screen porch. Our tiny house ballooned to a 800+ square foot thing. I guess we are not tiny house people. But the idea of a second home being small and just what we need for summer fun in 10 years or so is the way to go. Just not this tiny home. We are a sort of small-ish home people I guess.
I see where these people find it appealing. I mean, who has not thought of just getting away. Having nothing holding you down, going wherever you want. Not be strapped down by a mortgage, expectations, mundane to do lists? How would that not be amazing? Like I said earlier, the quintessential romantic life. Only what you need, and only the people you need are with you. The hippie, reusing, recycling, free love self in me is screaming to do this. Just go, do it. But then I get hit with reality. And reality tells me I need just a little more closet space, a full size refrigerator, at least a room for my kids, and I guess breathing room. Our home is not big by any standards. But by these tiny home standards it is a mansion. So for now I will envy these people who take the plunge and live this way. And perhaps one day have a tiny house tucked away on some lake for my family and I to bond and enjoy together. And maybe after the kids are moved out Dale and I can hit the road in our tiny house. Without our kids tiny house living would be a lot more do able and fun. We just have 16 years to go, at least.
What about you? Could you live in one of these?



  1. I think I could. The loft sleeping would be hard. I doubt anyone with more than one child could survive unless the were outdoors most of the time.

  2. It surely would be an adjustment but yes it would be a simplistic way of life, which surely is appealing in this day and age.

  3. Prefer a bigger one, but – they look fantastic!!! Thank you for sharing! Love the idea and the architecture!
    All my best from Austria and a happy happy time

    • They are amazing looking, and so creative in making the smaller spaces work. I agree that I need more room in order to live comfortably. But they are fun to look at and think about. I am so happy you stopped by!

  4. The idea fascinates me and they are cute but like cute for a playhouse cute. 😉 I by no means need a grand house but I am a claustrophobic person so I don't think this would work for me. Also, those pictures look like they are taken with a wide angle lens so I imagine that they look even small in person!

    XO/Lena @ Root&Blossom

    • Good points, I am sure they are used with a wider angle lens. And then living in them, some days they will feel large enough, and others the walls will be closing in. Actually break down the size of these and how it translates and I don't understand how people function in day to day life. But I would be up for the challenge, if I did not have three kids.

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