Sunshine award

Sunshine award

Hello and good morning. I was excited to be nominated for a Sunshine award by Charlee at Humble in a heartbeat. What is the Sunshine award you ask? A person who has a blog and has been nominated themselves, they pick 11 other fellow bloggers to share 11 random facts about themselves, answer 11 questions posed by the blogger that nominated them. Then the nominated person picks 11 blogs to nominate and gives them 11 questions. Lots of 11, lots of answering and asking, and lots of sharing.
In a nutshell it is a fun way to get your followers to know you a little better. I get to meet new bloggers as well from the fellow nominees, and I get to nominate some people I think are talented and deserving of a little spotlight and sunshine going their way. See what I did there? Sunshine…. get it? Ok, I had so much fun answering the questions given to me. I struggled with who to select. I have “met” some amazingly talented people who I am inspired by daily with their blog. How do I narrow it down? But I did, with some favorites, some I have worked with and a few I just could not decide between so I did eEnnie, meenie, miney, moe like any normal and mature person would.
Sunshine Award
Here are the rules for the Sunshine Award:
1. Post 11 random facts about yourself.
2. Answer 11 questions about yourself from the nominating blogger.
3. Nominate 11 other bloggers to receive this award.
4. Write 11 questions for your nominated bloggers.
5. Let them know they are nominated!

11 random facts about me
1. I wanted to be a music producer when I was teenager. I was enrolled in a school in Florida and everything but because of family issues could not go. I still to this day adore music way more then most people.
2. I lived in the same town and attended the same schools with most of the same people from the time I was in Kindergarten to high school graduation.
3. I had a very unhealthy obsession with Jonathan Taylor Thomas when I was younger. I even obsessed about The Lion King because he did the voice of younger Simba. Yes I had it bad for JTT. The hair!
4. The first night home from the hospital with our daughter (oldest) while pacing the hallway floor for the 100th time trying to calm her down I had a thought of “What have I done?” I loved her, adored her, but I was soooo tired, I did not know it would be THAT hard. It got easier 🙂
5. The first winter here in Wisconsin I slid in snow and crashed off the side of the road twice. None since then though, thank you very much. I learned you don’t slam on the breaks when sliding, go figure.
6. I learn the lyrics to songs very fast, I hear it maybe three times and know the whole song. And I never forget it. I waste way too much brain space cataloging all of those words.
7. I am very stubborn and hard headed. But the most I am hard on is myself. I reflect on how I was as a person daily. Mom, wife, blogger, friend and see where I need to improve. I do not settle until I am certain I did the best job. Most of the time I come up short, but I keep trying for perfection. I only expect perfect from myself. Others, I am supportive and understanding though.
8. I knew parenting would be hard, I knew I would love my kids more then I could ever understand. But no one told me how much I would enjoy them. I love spending time with them, having fun with them, hearing what they have to say. No one mentioned the fun parts of being parents.
9. My husband Dale is truly my best friend, he is one of the only people that knows all of me. I am a very guarded person. Hard to tell, but it is so true. I had no idea I was guarded until I started opening up to him and realized I had never let anyone get that close to me before. I am more then dimples and sunshine, I have the range of emotions and thoughts, but I usually only share them with Dale.
10. I had one emergency c-section with hemorrhaging, one 7 week premature baby, and one who needed fetal monitoring because of a 1 artery umbilical cord instead of two. He later got diagnosed with renal reflex of both kidneys because of the 1 artery umbilical cord. I am 3 for 3 with difficult pregnancies and delivery’s. I am down for the count with new babies. The baby making factory has closed up shop.
11. I like pizza and spaghetti but hate tomatoes by itself. Or ketchup, don’t like either. You figure it out. I can’t!
Questions from Charlee at humble in a heartbeat
1. If you could hire someone to do something around your house, what would they do? (ex. clean, cook, organize, etc.)
           Laundry! I am not talking the act of putting it in the washer and then into the dryer. I mean the folding and hanging up. I don’t know why, but I hate, HATE doing that. I do the trick of turning the dryer on again just because I don’t want to sort and hang the clothes. Three kids make a lot of laundry. If someone did that for me I would probably present them with flowers and chocolates every day they came to my house. Any takers? I have lots of flowers to give you!
2. What is a favorite childhood memory you have?
           I don’t know if I have one specifically but anytime I got to play outside as the sun was setting. It felt magical that I got to be outside once it was getting dark. The stars were out and bedtime seemed like it would never get here. The possibility’s of a day never ending was so appealing to me. I remember so well that feeling of it being different and special to be outside then.
3. Do you happen to speak a foreign language?
           With three years of Spanish in high school you would think I would be fluent. But no, I cannot say I speak another language. I can understand more or less what someone says in Spanish by recognizing the words I know and then piecing together the rest. But could I respond back in Spanish? Nope. I learned more when I was a server at a restaurant and all of the cooks and bus boys only spoke Spanish, we taught each other phrases. And I learned a few curse words that my Spanish class never taught me too 🙂
4.  Do you and your significant other go on dates? What has been your favorite?
           We manage to get out alone a few times a year. I know, pathetic. We would like to go out more but my husband works all day and so when he can he likes to spend time as a family. We do a lot as a family, family date nights are a weekly occurrence though. We really enjoy stay-dates. Putting the kids to bed, popping popcorn and watching a movie, or turning everything off and just sitting and talking. I love that guy. We do that quite frequently. My favorite date was when my husband surprised me about 1 month before my 3rd child was born. He whisked me away for a weekend with just him and I. I got to sleep in, soak my achy overly preggo belly in a big tub and relax. It was amazing and so special because he arranged it all on his own.
5. What is the farthest place you’ve been and what did you do there?
            When I was in 8th grade my school sponsored some kids who excelled in writing and history to go to England and Scotland for two weeks. I was one of them. We did the usual sites anyone does when visiting England, Buckingham palace, Big Ben, changing of the guard, a Shakespeare play in Piccadilly circle. It was a fun time. But with me being 13 I was more excited about the cute boys on the trip, the high jinx we got into, and flirting my way to kissing a boy on the balcony of a hotel. That was the high lights. I would love to go back now as an adult and really take it all in. I know I enjoyed it, but understanding the scope and how amazing it was that I was there was not something I grasped then.
6. How often do you get together with friends?
           I would say once a week, sometimes more or sometimes less. But I will preface this with the fact that all of my friends are “mom” friends I have met since becoming a Mommy through various kids activities. So most of the time it consists of play dates where the kids run around and play while we ignore them (I mean let them explore independently) while we talk away. My pre Mommy friends are all in San Diego, CA where I grew up. We get together about once a year when we visit out there.
7. What is one thing that makes you unique?
          Hmmm, well so much. I could go the route of something having to do with my personality. But I feel like of course my personality is unique, I am the only me around. I am a lefty, but that is not particularly unique either. I guess the fact that I have green eyes. I have very light green eyes with some yellow flecks in them. With various shades of green thrown in to make my eyes even more random. The things that makes them unique is that until I was about 11 I had very light and very blue eyes. Then they turned a gray color, and then around 15 settling into green. I have not heard of many people having their eyes change so late. Most change in early childhood. They have settled into green for years now. Sometimes they are very green, and sometimes the yellow shows more. But fully green eyes. I have wondered if one day they will turn hazel/brown and I can say I have had all of the eye colors.
8. What car do you dream of owning?
          This is a somewhat nostalgic reason for wanting this car. When I was in high school and just after graduating I was a nanny. One of the families I was a nanny for had a Lexus SUV. I got to drive it when I drove the kids around to their activities. I grew up with a single Mom, so money was not something we had. And driving that Lexus was amazing. It was everything that is pretty and classy about a car to me. The couple that owned the car both came from large families with not much money, they worked hard and got a nice house and cars. They vacationed, had a beautiful family, and a Lexus SUV. I would love to have one just for the sake of that feeling of anything is possible. And that I made it possible, also it is a very nice luxury car.
9. Are you a spender or saver?
          I wish I could answer differently, but I am a spender. I like to buy things, I like to go out to eat, I like to do activities, sometimes expensive ones with my family. I am never the type that takes money away from our bills. But once those are paid, well….. I end up at Target in a daze with a cart full of stuff and no recollection of the previous hour of events. We have a savings account that gets automatically subtracted from, a retirement fund, and a Christmas savings account that accumulates all year for us to use at Christmas. But those are all automatically taken out before it gets in the checking account to use. I guess I am a responsible spender then? Yeah, that is what I am.
10.  Have you ever experienced a natural disaster?
          Well, I guess yes. Growing up in California I have experienced my fair share of earth quakes. But because I got so used to them I never thought of them as a big deal. I would sleep through them if it happened at night. And during the day if it happened at school we just hoped it was enough to make us get to go home early. But that is the biggest natural disaster I have experienced, thank goodness. Living in the Midwest now I have had a few tornado warnings. No tornadoes, but those bad boys terrify me.
11. What is your favorite holiday and why?
          I have two, I know I am a cheater like that. My first is Christmas. I make that thing last all December long. We go look at Christmas lights, have cookie decorating parties, teach my kids about giving, go hunting for our tree and cut it down from a tree farm, enjoy the snow and decorating my house. I always wanted a white Christmas growing up, and now I get to experience that and I love it. My other favorite is the 4th of July. I never got into it until moving to the Midwest. They do The 4th of July right here. We go to a parade, have root beer floats in our small town, and then go swimming at my sister in laws house on a lake. It is a huge fireworks show, and the neighbors compete all night long for the biggest and baddest fireworks. There is sparklers galore, lots of food, sun, swimming, water balloon fights, fun, family, friends, and memories. I love how people go all out here. I assume it is because we only get a short spurt here of getting warm weather, we push in as much fun in the sun as possible. We usually celebrate July 3rd as well as 5th with other family and friends. It is a busy few days that knock us out in the best way possible.
*Whew, I did them all. I hope I did not bore anyone with my long winded answers. But I enjoyed answering, thinking about things and maybe helping my wonderful followers get to know me a little better. 
You’ve been nominated! 

Here is the ladies I have nominated as well. I have worked with some of them, some are frequenters of my blog, and all I am forever inspired by.

Leigh Ann at Houseologie
Erica at dwell beautiful
Jessica at pig and dac
Theresa at beauteeful living
Michele at sew sweet vintage
Natasha at Natasha in OZ

Questions For the Nominees

1. What is your favorite thing about blogging? What keeps you going?
2. Do you have a movie that no matter how many times you have seen it you sit and watch it. Enjoying it just as you did the first time. If so, what movie is it, and why do you love it?
3. What was the first moment you truly felt like an adult?
4. How old were you when you had your first kiss? Tell the story if you are so inclined
5. What is your favorite food?
6. Favorite Tv show growing up?
7. How and where did you meet your significant other? If no significant other how and where did you meet your best friend?
8.  What did you want to be when you grew up as a child? Tell me those childhood dreams!
9. Why do you live where you live? What made you pick the city location or house you live in. You can answer both or just one.
10. Who was your favorite Teacher growing up, and why?
11. When encountering someone with extremely different political views then you, do you try to get them to see your ways, by engaging in a debate. Or let them think what they think and move on with your own views still in tact? Why?

Well there you have it, I hope you all enjoyed this fun little piece. Thank you Charlee at humble in a heartbeat for thinking of me and including me in this fun award. It is amazing that someone included me with all of these other talented people. To the ladies I nominated, have fun with it. I have enjoyed getting to know you all and being inspired by your ideas, projects, life lessons and humor. For the rest of my readers, check out their blogs, they have some amazing stuff happening. And look for their replies and questions and answers they come up with. Happy Wednesday!



  1. I love your answer to number 4. My husband and I love to go out on dates, but it just doesn't happen much. We enjoy our family time a lot, whether that's with our family of three or extended families. I think as long as you are taking time for one another, like you guys are, it doesn't matter if you go out or spend time together after the kid(s) are in bed! And it does sound like you a responsible spender! 🙂

    • Finding time together is the most important, no matter where or how it happens. In the backyard while the kids play by sitting together and talking, we try and carve out some time together. It is important to do that for sure. Thank you for supporting my responsible spender stance, I am a for sure lover of all things shopping. But my family is always first, and that includes our financial responsibilities. But then, it is on!

  2. My 2nd daughter was also born with the 1 artery umbilical cord. Luckily, we haven't had any problems yet.

    I hope your husband reads this. He sounds really special!

    I used to think I could sing like JTT!! We had a tape recorder, and I would sing "I Wanna Be a Mighty King". Oh, boy!

    I wanna come to your town for the 4th! Buy me a plane ticket? Haha.

    Great answers and nominees!

    • That is so interesting your daughter had the 1 artery umbilical cord. I have never met anyone else who has dealt with this. I am so happy your daughter has had no issues with it. My son Gavin is fairly healthy, aside from one very bad kidney infection. So far so good otherwise. We do have a great time on the 4th for sure, come on over! 🙂

  3. Thanks so much for nominating me, Emily! I loved all of your answers. I especially like how close you are with your husband as apparent in your answer to Ques. 9. I, too am very close to my husband. He's also my best friend :).

  4. I loved reading all of your answers! Sounds like you and your hubby are very very close. I love that! Mine is my best friend and I would be lost without him 🙂 We also nominated a few of the same people! Can't wait to read everyone else's answers.

  5. So great to learn more about you Emily! 🙂 You and your family are totally awesome! I love your eyes – reminds me of a kitty kat! Have a totally awesome 4th!! Millie

    • thank you so much, you are so sweet. My eyes do resemble a cat's, I have had more then one person assume I am wearing contacts. I was actually going to nominate you for the sunshine award, but a quick search on your blog and I saw you had already been in the past.

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