patio reveal and furniture revival

patio reveal and furniture revival


We did it! I talked about this outdoor furniture forever ago. Well it was really more like April, but still. I was worried at the rate we were going we would not even get to enjoy the fruits of our labor his summer. For those that don’t know we re did this yellow furniture. They looked like….

I spoke about it here. The cliff notes version of events is this was a furniture fail. I did it the lazy way the first time. My in laws were going to throw out this outdoor furniture. I rescued it, as I do most things, we tightened up the screws, and painted it a nice bright yellow. Where did the fail come in you ask? Well I did not sand the old peeled and scratched up stain off first. It was a dark wood stain, but had been done when they were purchased well over 10 years ago. Not touched since. I simply painted one coat of sunny and bright yellow and called it a day. Yep, such a perfect way to redo furniture. NOT! Within a month there was a few spots where paint was peeling. By the end of summer they were needing some repairs. By summer number 2 they looked like they were from an abandoned house that had not been touched in years.
So I decided to do it again, the right way. And so began our 3 month saga of sanding, priming and painting when we had the chance. It was a long haul but so worth it. I started by sanding the old paint off. And I mean, hardcore get it all off sanding. No light sanding to rough it up here.
This took a long while, I was not feeling this sanding stuff. I don’t know why but for this project this was more a labor, not labor of love. I just wanted them done. Maybe it was because had I done it all right the first time I would have already been enjoying my cute yellow furniture on the patio. Yep, that is why I was a grouchy sander.


It was all hands on deck, well the ones that wanted to help. Nora was mysteriously enthralled in a book she could not put down. Any time we were sanding, the boys like to help



We broke out the automatic sander, this is just a bit that goes on a drill. But works great for sanding, you cant get in the corners with it. But for the flat parts of it this thing knocks the paint off pretty fast.
Here is what the fully sanded portion looks like. Nothing but rough wood, ready to be primed.

Once that was done I primed it all up. I primed every nook and cranny of this. I only did one coat of primer, but put it on fairly thick and globby. Again, not a happy DIYer for this job. You can do two, lighter coats of primer if you are a happy primer camper.



Then the painting, it is standard painting. I did enjoy the painting aspect of this project. This was all in the garage, I would strap my iPod to my pants, put headphones on and listen to music really loud and paint away. It was my time to unwind. There was not too much attention to detail with this project so I just painted and listened to music I can’t when my kids are around. And far too loud for my ears, it was not at a parent approved level. But I am a grown up so I can.
I set the furniture up, painted all I could. Let it dry, and then turned it over painting the bottom. I did this three times. I know, whew it was a lot. But this way if, I mean WHEN my kids scrape sand and toys across it the paint will have a few layers to get to before it chips away. I turned it over so that I could guarantee I got all of the spots. With this being in the middle of the patio there is spots all over that are viewable.
I also sanded, primed and painted some rocking chairs that sit in my front yard. I had never redon them before so there was no grime and redo fails to fix first. I did these the same way I did the other outdoor furniture.



The seat cushions match the lounger cushion in the backyard. I wanted to give myself options in case these ended up in the backyard at some point.

I chose yellow again. I know, but I did chose a outdoor friendly yellow this time. I did a little more homework and found something that maybe will last more then two summers. Fingers crossed. The yellow is Pittsburgh paint exterior Forsythia Blossom. Once it was all done we hauled it to the back yard. Put my chair cushions on from two summers ago. Kmart if you are wondering. They are all almost extinct here so I found one a few years ago that was closing and got a ridiculous deal on these cushions. I liked the bright color, it is outdoors in summer. We like bright and color here.

There was no matching lounge cushion for the flowers ones. So I used another pattern that worked with the flowers. They don’t go perfect, but it is pretty cohesive.



I love the color, I know it is pretty bright but I love that. I have had a few people mention “oh, wow that is a bright yellow” In polite people code that means they hate it. I know those looks, it is too yellow for most. But not for me, give me color, life, bright, fun, summer, and sun. And I have it. And now I am going to inundate you with way too many pictures for your liking I am sure.



Just a little staging, of course I don’t leave this glass out here. We get Wizard of Oz, throw your house in the air crazy winds here. But I do try to set this stuff out when we are entertaining.



Enough pictures yet? No, well then let me give you a formal tour of the patio area


The water fountain we built up ourselves, you can find the full tutorial here. I love it, and turn it on all the time to enjoy the relaxing sound of trickling water.



The evergreens do a dual job, adding some green to the patio and…..
…hiding the worst placed electrical box ever. It is literally right, smack dab in the middle of the patio area. We covered it up and you would not even know it is there now.
 Our patio table. I would like to eventually build one that is larger and more rustic
but this one works for now.


My boy’s were playing with bubbles the whole time I was taking pictures


Gavin photo bomb, I was trying to take a picture of the flowers but he walked in right at the perfect moment


The tongue helps with his bubble blowing gun, Caleb is deep in concentration
I know, weird I was trying to take pictures and some kids just show up. My house is always full. If I have pictures without kids or dog it is because I have banished them into a different room, or they are right out of my camera view.  Ok, more pictures







These are shells we have collected in southern California. I used most of them in my
shell display/ coastal gallery wall, but I still have some I get to use for other things.
 Like decorating my outdoor patio area


Just sharing the view from my new furniture. I don’t have a spectacular view, but these trees and the sun going down can be pretty breathtaking


Nora calls this her tree, she can be found climbing it on most days at some point


View from the side of the yard


Oh, whats that? My patio looks so pretty and relaxing. Never fear, the daycare center worth of outdoor toys is in a corner of the patio. I want to one day put in a sun room in this spot. But for now it is the kids outdoor play area. Usually these toys are strewn all over the yard and patio.
 But I cleaned it all up for you lovely people.


We are currently doing something fun, functional and…. I am trying to think of another F thing, ummm…. freakin awesome to this space. Yeah that is the words I would use to describe what we are cookin up (get it, grill, cookin) over here. I hope to share it soon.







I am in love with this space now. I have my cute and yellow furniture. I have a great water fountain and small seating area. And I have a outdoor eating spot. We spend a lot of time out here. My only wish to improve this space would be if we could use it for more then 4 months out of the year. Seriously, I adore this area and want to be here all the time. When the kids are in bed you can find Dale and I relaxing in one of the chairs, listening to the leaves blowing in the wind, crickets, birds, and water fountain, watching the sun set. We either read, talk, or just quietly relax. This space has become an extension of our home and I could not be more happy with how it turned out.
And Teddy gives his full seal of approval. I hope I did not bore you with pictures. I also hope I inspired a few of you to redo some old furniture you were maybe thinking of throwing out. But I also hope, more then anything I taught you to not take the lazy way out. Do it right the first time. Even though I got to zone out and listen to music while I painted it was still a big kick in the butt for having to redo it in the first place. Learn from me, do as I say. Not as I did, well the first time at least. Wherever you are, however your outdoor space is, take some time. Enjoy being outdoors. It makes you stop, sit, look, hear and see all that is around you. I hope your week is going good, and I hope you get inspired to not take short cuts when it comes to DIY. It actually causes more time in the end.
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  2. Love the yellow furniture, Emily! And the rest of the patio looks fantastic too! You're motivating me to do something with our patio,, we built a really nice patio last fall and still have zero furniture out there 🙂 Amy

  3. That's great information. Thanks for sharing this blog. I did a search and found your blog and glowing review. It's been a big help! Thanx!

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