nothing to report here….

nothing to report here….

Just a normal weekend with mattresses in the hallway and a air compressor. All being put to use and out of the way of one of our projects in its final stages.
Well it is Monday, again. I feel like it came way too soon. Our weekends are busier then ever lately. All Saturday I thought it was Sunday. So I was more then pleasantly surprised when I realized it was just Saturday. It was like finding $20 in your pants pocket you forgot about or something. A pleasant and wonderful thing to realize. But Sunday, the actual Sunday flew by.

well hello little green bug, you are adorable
I don’t  have much to report or share here at Our Home right now. We are currently winding down two big-ish projects. And the final steps to finish them are the mundane but time consuming things. I am also in major planning mode for a big overhaul of my kids playroom in the basement. You have not seen it yet, and there is a big reason for that. It is messy, disorganized, and nothing to write or show about. But I hope within the next few months to add some flare and fun to the space for my kids. And add some pretty for my benefit and yours.


So, in a effort to stay engaged with you all. I am sharing some pictures of flowers. The blooms are fewer and far between in this home stretch of summer. It is weird to think August is not even here yet, but I feel like summer is winding down already. We still have 1 whole solid month of summer.


My Hydrangeas have been going crazy this summer, I have had the most blooms, and with them being so big and plentiful it will be pretty sad when things start to cool off and they go away. I am trying to convince myself it just wont happen this year. Yep, here in Wisconsin school will start. But it will not get cold, freezing, arctic blast-like, or even chilly. Warm and sunny all year. I have to tell myself this otherwise I may just pack up and leave before another winter hits here.
 But for now, the windows are open, I can smell the star jasmine in our backyard, my kids are playing the 20 problems after they are in bed game. You know the one, my tummy hurts, I have to go potty, Gavin is looking at me, the boy’s woke me up, I heard a noise, I thought of a skeleton. Yes, that game. So all is good and normal on this summer evening. Nothing to report here….
How is summer in you neck of the woods? Did you get a lot done over the weekend?



  1. Emily~ Funny post! Have a great Monday! laura

  2. Summer is going great but breezing by as you've indicated. Pretty flowers! Enjoy them 🙂

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