low cost and sweet anniversary present

low cost and sweet anniversary present

Today is a special day here in Our Home. It is Dale and I’s 7 year anniversary. We got married on 7/7/07. Yes, I know, awesome wedding date. We gave the hotel we got married at 3 weekends we liked and they chose this one. We had no idea it would be a huge date, but it was. We got married on the hottest day of the century I am sure. It was a big hoopla where I remember hardly any of it. All I remember is I wanted to get it over with so I could hug Dale, talk to him, and tell him how crazy the past 24 hours had been.


I just wanted “US”. I guess that was a good sign, I just wanted him. I know to most 7 years is nothing, but it is nice to see the years go by. To see how we have grown, changed, fought, struggled, achieved, overcome, and loved through out these past 7 years. We are not those people we were when we got married. We were kids. I was 21 and he was 25. But we knew what we wanted. Each other, and our life to start. Our us to start.



I wont get too overly sweet and mushy. We are not perfect, we are a constant work in progress. I am always striving for best, and he will stop at nothing to get it right. A good team. My love for him and his love for me is special, and ours. We have a bond only we can have. I am so content and blessed to have him next to me sharing this life with. Because he is so special to me I always try to think of special things to do for him. Remind him I love him, show him how much I care, thank him for all he does.
Two years ago on our anniversary I gave both of us a gift. I know, how selfish. I gave us a gift. I gave us the gift of words. Being able to explain how we feel. I purchased a leather bound notebook. I then wrote the song that we danced to at our wedding. I then filled many of the pages with others songs that have meant something to us.
Or I filled it with songs that I have heard of and got goosebumps because it is how I feel about him. A rough patch, and us coming through it, the first butterflies of love and new feelings. Any song that felt right for us was put into the book. I gave it to him as a gift for us. He can fill it too. Any poem. saying or song he hears he writes down and then finds a way for me to find it and read what he wrote.
It works great because at times Dale, like most men has a hard time explaining his feelings. He can show me, he can look at me and I see all he feels. But him actually saying those words that make me go weak is hard for him to say at times. This is a way for us to say those words. Yes they are brorrowed words. Someone else created them. But love is love. And when we find something that is how we feel. We can use them.
We have used it as a means to say I love you, thank you, I am sorry, or just because. I love getting surprised by seeing this book on my pillow. I am so excited to see what he has written in it. I love reading what moved him and reminded him of me, or our love. I also get antsy if I hear or song, or read something that I know I want him to know and feel. I am going crazy until I can write it down for him. Then I am giddy with excitement knowing he will get to read it and learn a little more of my love for him. Get more of a glimpse of my heart.
This is something I would recommend any couple to do. It allows those feelings to be brought to the forefront. It forces you to remember why you love that person. And it is proof of the love you have for your partner. If you are needing a pick me up, this book is a reminder of the love you have in your life.
July 7, 2007….
 ….. 7 years later
and yes we took this selfie just now for this post. We are not big picture takers when it comes to the two of us.
Most of our pictures involve the three kiddos
I cannot believe 7 years has gone by since I became his Mrs. It feels like it has sped up, but also like we have always been married all at once. It is weird to think there was a time where I was just me. On this day 7 years ago I became so much more then just me, I became Us. I became his other half, I got a lifelong best friend. I got a forever friend. I got a picture hanging, taking trash out person, my bud, my man, my husband. Hands down my favorite person. And from time to time he deserves to know it.
We created all of this awesomeness in the last 7 years!


















  1. What a beautiful post, and your pictures are great, you two are the cutest and your family pic is awesome! Congratulations on your seven years, and may you be blessed with many more. Stopping by from the Blog Hobnob. 🙂

  2. Thank you. You are an amazing wife and my best friend. I am very lucky

  3. Sweet post. Happy Anniversary. What a cute family you have. We will be married 44 years in a couple of months. We were 19 and 20. Still in love and best friends. We have four children, one adopted, and 6 grandchildren. Life is good. Keep on doing what you are doing and you will soon be saying 44.

    • You inspired me, 44 years! You are so blessed to have had all of that time with each other. Your family sounds lovely. One of the reasons we got married so young was as my husband said "It makes our 50 year anniversary come sooner" thank you so much for your support and kind words

  4. Happy Anniversary Emily! Love the family pics! Thanks for sharing such a special day! laura
    ps Sending you link to Friday Favorites before Thursday!

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