evening flower arranging

evening flower arranging


I have been elbow deep in flowers this evening. Just your normal average Tuesday night clipping and pruning flowers and then making floral arrangements. Summer has been a weird one so far. We have had lots of rain here in Wisconsin and cooler temperatures. Not great for my kids and any water fun but my flowers have been loving this weather.


These hydrangeas are going crazy. These are endless summer hydrangeas. They are a mix of blue, purple and pink ones. I got these as Mothers day gifts two years ago. These are my favorite flowers. Last year we had somewhat of a dry summer and they did not flourish the way they have this summer. So many, and so full and gorgeous!

I should have taken some pictures of the loot of flowers I had before I made the arrangements. But this is the left overs of my creations.


And here is the fruits of my labor, I combined some flowers into a fun and sweet flower arrangement. It just sort of got thrown together.




Nora told me the table looks like a wedding table. Well thank you Nora.
 I always knew she was my favorite 🙂





Other then floral arrangement’s we have had some fun this summer up to this point. Water park trips, we went to a baseball game, swimming in lakes, walks, park’s, slip n slides, lazy outdoor relaxing, and so much gardening. I never knew I loved gardening so much. Most of our summer days are spent lounging, relaxing, playing, laughing, and being together. My favorite kind of time spent, with my favorite people.
we tailgated before the game, and it was one of our few hot days. It was hot, we all look worn out. But it was a fun day. Seeing Gavin high five strangers when our team made a home run was the best part ever. Nora and Caleb were just there for the food.








The way Dale likes to relax in our backyard


Me and my girl, enjoying the days we get to have together in the summer.
 It is so fun to have her home all day
Dale and his little helper Gavin, mowing the lawn


These two guys love each other!
How has the weather been where you are? I know people who are having very hot temperatures, and then others like me who are having cooler temps. I have had to put on sweaters, close some windows because it is too cold. We camped out for the fourth of July and got so cold in the night, we did not expect the temperatures to drop so much. My kids have only been able to break out the slip n slide a few times, the little pool once. So they are not too happy with this cooler then average summer. My flowers… well as you all can see they are drinking up this weather. Literally.



So not anything too earth shattering for me to share, but this is a little fun and pretty to get me and you through the week. It is Wednesday, I feel like I am still needing to recover from the fourth of July weekend. Yes it was the previous weekend, I am a slow recoverer. And we kicked DIYing’s butt this past weekend with our industrial console table. Yes, I am still basking in my console table glory. I have a few projects coming up. One is done and waiting in the wings to be shared next week. So today is a relax, enjoy some beautiful flowers, and put on a sweater because it is cold here!




  1. Wow!! Your flower arrangements are absolutely beautiful! I want to plant my own hydrangeas now! 🙂

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