bright lights

bright lights

I shared on Monday that I finally found a ceiling light for my dining room. I spoke about it here. I love it, it is everything I dreamed of when I had not one clue what I wanted. But, BUT, turn the thing on at night and you get a tan. Seriously, I have tan lines from this bright light now. I know it is because of the bulbs we put in, 60 watt by the way. So, instead of dealing with the sun on at night inside our home. No one likes a person who wears sun glasses inside. Including people in my dining room. Or instead of getting different bulbs we decided to add a dimmer to the light switch.

This does not do the light justice. You need sun glasses, and probably should not stare
straight into the light when this is on right now.
Now first and foremost, you cannot add a dimmer and have it work with any old light. You need a bulb that is dimmer possible. And these bulbs were dimmer ones. It was not planned, but we got lucky. And Dale was so excited because I have never let him touch electrical, other then changing ceiling lights. But this time I was letting him get his hands dirty. I don’t know what it is with men, but he was so amped up to do this.
Here is what we purchased to turn down our dining room sun
here is the bulbs we chose for the ceiling light
Now before you do anything, you need to be a smart and responsible adult. Take all safety precautions. Meaning, wear safety goggles, probably a road worker bright vest, maybe some swimming flippers (just in case), a helmet with a light on it, gloves, condoms… you know, the usual home project gear. Right? No, none of that is needed. But, you do need to TURN OFF THE CIRCUIT BREAKER BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING! If you cannot figure out which switch is needed to be turned off then turn them all off. It is better to be safe then sorry. Dale says it wont kill you to be shocked by a normal volt in a light switch, but still TURN OFF CIRCUIT BREAKER!!!!! 
Here is the circuit breaker, ours is in the basement. You flip the switch (most are labeled with a listing of the home location the specific breaker switch pertains to). Once Dale turned it off he yelled up to me to try and turn on the light. I turned it on and nothing came on, so we knew we had the correct circuit switch.
Here is what our dining room light switch looked like. The left is the kitchen light switch. The middle is for the dining room, the one we will be changing out. And the right one is… well… we don’t know what it does. It gets turned on or off and nothing changes. It is a mystery switch.
So, start unscrewing the cover. Of course ONCE THE CIRCUIT BREAKER HAS BEEN TURNED OFF! Ok, I am done with warning you. We all saw Back to the Future and saw what happened when they hooked up the wire to the big clock. It was big and bad. It may or may not happen to you. If you have a Delorean the chances are great it will happen. Just remember I warned you.

Then, once the cover panel is off it reveals the inside. Lots of wires. This is where my heart rate picked up. Wires mean electrical stuff. That means electricity, which obviously means electrocutions and/or death. It is where my mind goes. I cant help it.

This is the back of the one we are removing. There is three wires attached to the back of the individual switch. Each one needs to be removed.

This little hook like tool was used to pop the wires out of the switch. It was able to wedge in there and pull them out. If you don’t have one of these, you can cut the wires and then re strip them. I am not sure how that is done, but Dale says it is “no big deal”.

Bring on the new dimmer switch. The wires are all removed and our old, never to be used again switch is sitting on the table. We took note of which wires were situated where from the previous light switch. And then with the new one situate the wires on the new one in the same way. There is little holes on the back of the switch, and you push the wires into the hole and there is little grabber thingys (professional name for them, I am sure) that attaches the wires to the switch.
Then it is time to get forceful. Use them muscles and stuff the wires inside the box where the other light switches are.
Once the wires are all pushed in we were able to line up the previous holes from the first light switch. Then using the screws that came with the new light switch we screwed it in. And when I say “we” in all of this post I am meaning “Dale”. I stood nicely behind him and took pictures. Hey I am the artist here, we had to make sure the pictures were legit and all.
All set. It fits, it is hooked up, but not so pretty yet. Time to hide the ugly.


Holding the light switch cover over the panel screw in the ugly away to reveal the clean and pretty surface. That just sounded like the dirtiest joke to ever be spoken (written). Did not mean for it to come out that way, but I will leave it. This is a boring, yet informative post. We need to spice it up a little more. Light dimming is not very interesting.
And there it is, this baby is done. Once it was all hooked up Dale went down and turned on the circuit breaker. And the light worked! This is a success people! It dims! You slide the little switch on the right up or down to dim it.

It looks a little thinner then the other two switches. But if anyone is at my house inspecting my light switches I don’t know if I want to have them in my home. Creepy, obsessive and awkward are not my kind of peeps.

Here is how the light looks now. It is not the best before and after picture. For some reason my camera is auto focusing. But there is a definite difference now. No sunglasses needed anymore! Yay!
The light dimmed down


The light in all it’s bright glory
And Dale was correct in saying it was no big deal to change it up. It really was no big deal. I guess I need to give him more credit. I am always worried and he is always laid back. We make a good team. And the most important thing of all, we don’t need sunglasses and sun screen to sit in the dining room. Which is the best case scenario for this space. We like mood lighting, ambiance. That way we can set the mood for our romantic dinners. You know, sippy cups, whining on eating vegetables, and knock knock jokes. The normal romantic dinners people are thinking of. Now the lighting fits that.




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