beautiful chandelier redo

beautiful chandelier redo

I did it! I have finally found a light for my dining room. I have been searching for it since we redid the kitchen well over a year ago. I know, crazy it took me so long. But I had a few requirements. I did not want to spend a ton of money, one because it is not in the budget to go all out. And two, I like a challenge of spending the least and getting the biggest results from my cheapo way. Anyone can go buy and shiny and new professionally designed light right on trend with now. I want one that is old, thrown out, and given up on. Let me have it!

I also never knew really what I wanted, something that hung down, not gold, and… and…. not sure. But I knew I had not seen it yet. Here is what it looked like before.
It was your standard, gold, builders usual ceiling light. I had just given up hope and assumed that I would be taking it down and painting it white until I came across something. But, I was at Goodwill, don’t remember why I was there. Just wandered in as usual. Made it to the back of the store where the housewares and furniture is. My happy place in any store. And saw this baby.
The glass shades were already taken off when this picture was taken. But I did not change anything about them, other then cleaning them up.


It is huge and heavy, and very Tuscan like. Dale did not get it, he gave me this look that said “You are disappointing me. I had hope and faith in your decor, and this is what you want?”. It was not what I go for at all. Nothing wrong with Tuscan, just not right for my Country/coastal style home. But it was $4.99. I figured that and a can of spray paint would not be too bad if I hated it. It would still be an improvement from what is there now.
Yep, cant be worse then this
So with my trusty spray paint color Satin Sage, I was ready to go. I should note this was also a exercise in trust with Dale. He wanted to go with white, I wanted to go with a green. Hoping to find a Sage color. I asked him to trust me completely. And I could always paint it white if it was horrible. And happy wife, happy life. And apparently happy ceiling light, because this turned out beautiful. I chose Rust Oleum Satin Sage.
So, how did I make this all come together? Painting. Now usually I would recommend to sand anything when painting it. But with it being up on a ceiling I am assuming that there will be no scrapes, scratches or even touching of the light. So the paint that goes on will stay on. I was also on a sanding hiatus. No sanding! And it turned out great.
So, not much prep was needed. I did remove the glass domes of the shades before painting. And then using tape to protect the light socket. Where the bulb is screwed into the light. If paint gets inside there it might not work with the bulb not being screwed in all the way. Resulting in scraping, which is like sanding. And that is a no go!


I spray painted two coats of the spray paint. And then still needed to do a few touch ups wen I thought I was all done. There was a lot of spots that were hidden when it was laid down on the floor. But once picked up there was still some Tuscan on here.
Now the removal of the old light, some what straight forward but I will still walk you through it. First, make sure the light switch is off. Then unscrew the old light. There is three wire nuts attached to the old lights. Un screw those from the old lights.
Ring around the rosie, I have a ring on my ceiling. The base of the new chandelier is smaller then this light base. So we had a white paint that matched almost perfectly with the ceiling to paint it and cover up the scraped up ceiling. If we had not had one that matched, then getting a ceiling medallion that would have been added to cover up any damage to the ceiling. But the paint worked for us.
So now bring in the new light, reattach the wires to the new ceiling light. Screwing in one and then into the next.  It is really simple. I am a baby with electrical, I always assume it is dangerous and will result in electrocution. But Dale was all “whatevs, I got this”. And he did. We chose to use a LED bulb in each of the 5 lights, we are slowly updating all of our bulbs in the house to this. They are much pricier then others, but worth it for energy savings, longevity, and they don’t get hot. Which is great for this over worrying Mama.
This bulb was $10.75 for one bulb, and we needed 5. But to me it was worth it. Once those were screwed in and the glass was re attached it was done.


And can I just say, I was right on using green instead of white. And I was also right on this being a light that would work for our dining room. It matched almost perfectly with the hutch in our dining room.




Just some close up details of the light. It is so heavy and beautiful with its twisted details.





I now have one light left in my home to redo. The laundry room, I am biding my time. Finding “the one” again. And again I have no idea on what I want. But I know eventually I will find it, and hopefully it will cost me as little as this light did. Oh I also re arranged the dining table. It changed the feel of the room, and now the bench that is un painted is obvious. SO more sanding and painting is on the horizon. In the near future project? Absolutely!


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  1. You are totally right on the green! Love your new light. Thanks for sharing with the Merry Monday Linky Party!

  2. what a transformation and what a lucky find!!! love both lamps!!!

  3. Very pretty! It's hard to be patient but this time it paid off!

    • I am not a very patient person, but with home decorating I have learned that the rooms and pieces I love the most are the ones that came together slowly. I have time to find what I really want for a space instead of just putting something that works in it.

  4. OMGoodness! My chandelier is just like this one. I so want to do it but I don't know how and I don't think Mr. H will do it. Ughhhh. Love, love, love the redo!

  5. Awesome find! I love the color you chose too!

  6. This is gorgeous!

    Thanks for sharing at the Teach Me Tuesday Linky Party! Hope to see you there again tonight:)

  7. Hi Emily….You were FEATURED at this week's Teach Me Tuesday 🙂 Congrats and thanks for linking up!

  8. I love it! your dinning room is so inviting! I want to be sitting at your table drinking coffee every morning!

  9. I found one identical to this for my home, one of the globes was missing, any idea where I can find a new one. I’ve tried Lowe’s, nothing fits. ?

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