4th of July fun times!

4th of July fun times!

It is July 4th. Independence day for my fellow Americans. I am sure most of you are out enjoying the weather, food, drinks, sun, fun, and fireworks. I hope if you are reading this it is later on in the weekend. Everyone deserves some fun in the sun on July 4th. We do it big here at our neck of the woods.

We start the day with a parade in our small town. I am talking the local high school band, any local classic cars, a firetruck, and a tractor or two. It is still a fun time, we see neighbors, friends, and the kids just run around crazy. We live in a amazing small town that somehow stays small enough to go to the grocery store and at least see a few people you know. But it is still large enough to have a community and lots of organized activities. We see lots of people we know, the kids run amongst the crowd. It is always something we look forward to. This year our kids are going to be walking in a kids parade, before the major parade. They pretty much just get to bike down Main St. Yes our town has a Main st. It is so quaint. I love it!
After the parade we head over to my sister in laws house, she lives on a lake. We then spend the rest of the day swimming, boating, lounging, eating, laughing, sand castle building, and did I mention eating? Then the whole lake puts money together all year and put on a huge fireworks show. Massive, then until about 2 in the morning the neighbors compete over who has the biggest and baddest fireworks. It is an amazing night. One of my favorite holidays. We have done this since Dale and I started dating in 2005. The kids have added to the fun in a whole other way. Can you tell I love this day?
 I thought it would be fun to share some 4th of July past with you all. I had fun going through old pictures. I can tell my picture taking has gotten so much better. Back in the day I took a few, and now I am very well covered with taking pictures of the fun and memories.

July 4, 2006
Kid free, we had time to just stare lovingly into each others eyes


July 4, 2007
This was a few days before we got married


July 4, 2008
Nora was 6 months old here




 July 4, 2009
Nora, our little girlie is 19 months old here


I am 5 months pregnant
July 4, 2010
Nora 2 1/2


Caleb, my little drool monster is 9 months old


July 4, 2011
Nora  3
Caleb 21 months old
They passed out after the festivities
Gavin 3 months old, my littlest Little
July 4, 2012
Nora 4, Caleb 2 1/2, Gavin 15 months old and our Niece
July 4, 2013
Nora 5
Caleb 3


Gavin 2




This year we are adding to the craziness by camping out in the yard with our kids and their 4 cousins. They are all looking forward to it. I am bracing myself for not a lot of sleep and a very early start to the day. But it will be so much fun. I am the type of person that will always go forward no matter how much work it will be. I want to enjoy things, I want my kids to have an amazing childhood, and to fill their lives with fun. Camping on the 4th with all of their cousins is definitely something that equals fun.
 What are you all doing to celebrate our independence?  I hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July, enjoy our freedom!




  1. Hello just reading up on what I messed over the weekend and love the post. we have had so much fun over the years and there will be many more. love you and love you blog and writing.

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