wood painted decor piece and summer fireplace mantel

wood painted decor piece and summer fireplace mantel

Yes, you read that title right. This project is the always known and sought after wood painted decor piece. There is always a aisle, or possibly even a store selling these… right? Ok, I know it is a weird name, but such a fun, cute, and easy project. I was looking for a way to update my fireplace mantel from the spring decor into summer. I decided to challenge myself and not buy a thing for it. Everything for this project as well as the fireplace mantel decor were things I already had at home. Don’t you love reusing leftover things?

I started with this idea from some random pieces of wood I purchased a while ago. We cut them down into seven 9 inch long pieces.


Next it is time to break out my plethora of paint samples. I keep these around for instances just like this. Most do not have names of the paints on them, I am sorry. But I chose a dark green, dark blue, a turquoise blue, and a light gray color. There is still enough paint samples to make another 20 of these wood decor pieces. I have a problem and that is making a decision with paints. I get lots of samples. Painting was pretty simple, the wood was rough I used so just spread the paint on thick, doing two coats. It was easy.

All painted up and ready to be unified in holy wood painted decor matrimony. These pieces were blown all over my yard a few minutes after this picture was taken. Trying to multi task and keep an eye on the kids and paint outside was not the best idea. Usually I stick to painting in the garage. Less wind, lesson learned.

The next step to this oh so dramatic post here is to nail em up and finish this, so close. I lined them up in the order of the colors I wanted, used a piece on the back that was cut just as long and then nailed them into it with a nail gun. Oh yeah, we are armed and dangerous here.


Nailed it!
I decided to also make a frame around this, by measuring and cutting the boards to the size needed to frame in this masterpiece. I set the painted frame pieces in the spot they would be resting…
…. and you guessed it, nailed away. For anyone who does DIY it is pretty awesome to use a air nailer for these projects. There is no stripping the nail, the wood, nothing. It goes in quick and fast. We use this a whole lot.
So this little summer mantel addition is done, it turned out so cute. I know it is hard to tell from the pictures but it measures 9×13. It is a small little thing, just enough to add some color, texture, and fun to a space.

I paired this look with a few paper flowers I made a few weeks ago, you can find the full tutorial for those here. I actually just attached a piece of tape to these, I did not want to commit to having them in the corners permanently. So this is a trial run, we are seeing each other but have an open relationship. I may or may not commit to hot gluing these to the decor piece.

I also did another little project for the mantel. I cut a plywood rectangle out, measured about 20×10. Painted it in chalkboard paint, and added some sunniness and summer to it even more. It was suppppeeerrr simple and quick. I might add a frame to it. I am not sure yet. I will let it percolate the way it is and see if I want to add to it.
It was so cute, the thing I love about this sign is I can erase it and use it all year long. I change my fireplace mantel constantly so I can add some fun to this year round. So versatile and awesome! Now my mantel is ready for summer.




These gerder daisies were cut from some planters on our front porch


This little bug was purchased from the Serendipity Farm, you can read about my visit here




My new-ish and slightly improved living room space, you can find the coffee table tutorial here
So this was my quick, simple, and easy fireplace mantel update. This is the fast food of updates. It was nice not spending any money on this, well I did in the past with other projects, but nothing was purchased to brighten up the fireplace mantel. The wood painted decor piece was a random idea I am so happy I tried. Give it a try, it can be made as big or small as you need it. How are some ways you change up the decor around your home for summer? I hope you all have a wonderful start to your week!
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  1. I love your living room! And that painted wood piece looks really nice 🙂

  2. thank you, the wood piece was a fun little project. So easy! Thank you so much for visiting!

  3. Emily,
    Thanks for sharing this cute DIY project at my Show and Share Party…love the colors you used.


  4. Love the colors you used and I think the paper roses are the perfect finishing touch!


  5. Emily,
    I found your post on Enchanting Inspiration! I love the colors. I had a wind incident too. the Dog was covered in Wood Primer! I agree it is hard to keep your eyes project and life. I sure do enjoy it and can tell you do too, Beautiful work. I may have to add a blast of color to my lake house mantel.
    Thanks for sharing your creativity,
    Karen Marie
    Dragonfly & lily Pads

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