what really makes a house a home?

what really makes a house a home?

My husband and I joke sometimes when the chaos is overwhelming in our home. We say “We would have such a clean house if we did not have kids.” or “Imagine how much money we would have if we just spent it on ourselves?” Of course we never mean it, and it is always in jest. But the home we have would not be our without these three attention seeking, mess making, money wasting, demanding, tantrum throwing, giggle bugs of ours.


I wont get all mushy and philosophical here. We all know how awesome kids are. Most of you know my kids are my world, I wrote very mushy and loving posts about those kids multiple times. But this is about what my home would be without them. Sure it would be organized, probably dust free, still nicely decorated because that is just me. But would there be piles of books in a corner where my kids and I got lost in too many stories to count?


Would their room be a mess from the tent we made and the kids “camped” in it? Our closets would be nicely organized and not all in disarray because we played hide and seek in the whole house and where is there better to hide then in the back of the closet? Sure we could have nice leisurely dinners at the table, discussing current events while we listen to posh and adult like music, but would it still be appropriate to burp or have knock knock joke offs? Probably not, the table with our three little’s? There is no better dinner then one with knock knock jokes.
Our home where…
A super hero can be seen dashing through the house,


a front porch is not complete without a fairy house,
and where the hallway is the best race track and road ever!



I would like to think that my decorating, the time and effort I put into each piece and project makes it a home. But I am so wrong. The people in it, the memories made, the sword fights, the toy car races down the hallway, the tea parties, the painting, cookie making, and laughter is what makes my house a home. And yes, even the time out spot, the tears, and the tantrums make it that too.
 Cuddles and sword fights are all part of this home


My three little’s come in all kinds, and they came with a full range of emotions that they use at any and all times. Those three crazy’s with a good dose of Dale and I and all of the happenings in this dwelling is what makes this house a home. No amount of decorating will ever over step that reality.
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  1. What adorable pictures. I am such a "little ones" person. I see joy and fun in your home. Actually it looks really nice just the way it is. You do a good job keeping up with the kids. My favorite picture is the little one on the couch with the puppy. Ahhh so soweet. All of them are adorable. I know people always talk about how they grown up so fast and they do. I don't regret for a minute sacrificing a good paying job for the time I spent with the kids when they were little. Can I borrow yours something, lol.

    • thank you so much for your kind words. My kids are only 6,4, and 3 but I feel like the time is slipping by already. I try to enjoy all of those moments, and try to take a few pictures so I can see them years later. I agree completely about sacrificing for my kids. I have been a stay at home Mom since my oldest was born and I cherish and adore all of the moments I have had with them. The moments are far too many to count, and so precious to me.

  2. Such a sweet post. Before my boy was born, I was nervous about having toys all over my house, but now that my living room floor is covered in toys, I can't help but smile about it! Yes, my house is always messier, but I get to see my boy explore and learn new things. I love that! That's a cute little superhero, by the way. 🙂

    • You have to embrace the craziness and mess. The day will come eventually where there is no mess and noise around the house. I know it is far off but I try to remember that. This is the time when we have our little children here with us, we are their Mommy. It is them that make our home the way it is. Thank you so much for stopping by!

  3. This was the sweetest post. I love that you pointed out that it's the love that children fill a home with is what makes the home. My husband and I say stuff like that all the time too even though we wouldn't trade our messy, hectic lives for our previous ones. Love all the pics you shared, especially the one of the little super hero dashing through the living room 🙂

    • I am glad you enjoyed it. I think no matter how messy a house is it is important to remember why it is a mess. Life is happening, memories, all of it. My kids love wearing a cape, no day is done without a caped crusader here at our home!

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