the newest addition

the newest addition

I know, the title was slightly misleading. Anytime I tell anyone we have a new addition everyone assumes we are pregnant. I only had three kids, it is not like I was constantly announcing it. Also if I refuse alcohol, which I do all the time. I am just not a big drinker, people always ask if I am pregnant. But this time the new addition is a new TV console table. Just as exciting as a new baby right? No? Well this is all I have to share. I am a member of a group that is local on Facebook and lists things for sale from others. I peruse it from time to time to see what is for sale. I happened to click on it one night at 7:30 pm and found this great piece for $65. So off to get cash and a random unplanned pick up of a furniture piece at 8pm at night. There were a few other people interested and the seller said the fun phrase of first come first serve. We were first to come so we got served with this console table, yay!

This is what was there before, I always had a hard time getting a picture of this wall because of the two windows. The lighting never cooperated with me and I either got a bad flash picture, shadows, or just bright light from the windows. So this is the best shot of what was there previously. Another dresser with drawers taken out for the cable box and DVD player. But it was a dark gray. The new one is an off white and it is so pretty. I am not sure if I will leave it this color. Dale says leave it, I am not sold on it yet. But I have no clue what color I would paint it. So until that is made, off white it is.


 It is so pretty and curved, also made with real wood from start to finish.
This was a expensive piece at one point.
  I did not even have to change out the drawers hardware, it was all perfect.
Just some photo bombs of Nora and Teddy
 We hide some photo books and the remote in those little tiny drawers. Our DVD’s are in the other large drawers.
 I may add some kind of cover to this to hide the DVD player. Not sure what yet, but it is something that is on my to do list eventually.
these were brought from Dale as a just because gift he gave me. He is so sweet,
shameless spouse bragging moment
I am also going to share some pictures of the coffee table. It is fun to change around the glass hurricanes I have on it. I found some fun small balls of yarn and string from Michael s. It is so fun to update this space.
The lighting fairies were shining down on me. This light was magical and perfect for this space. I got pictures of this wall. I am NEVER able to get pictures of this wall. It turned out great. Now I can never change this space because then the pictures won’t be as pretty for this space.



The new balls of yarn and string

This coffee table is still holding up, even if my boys use it as a race track 80% of the time for their little cars. There is a few scratches, but overall still looking as pretty as the day we made it. If you are interested the full tutorial is here.


This house has great lighting, in the Midwest there is a lot of homes with small windows. I assume it is for energy efficiency. We manage to keep our energy cost and usage down, somehow we got the best of both worlds. I love that this house has big windows, it is shining with light most of the day. Well except the hallway, that is a dark and dingy spot in our home. I guess there is always something.

The old TV console table is now in the basement in our game room. I have not shared any of that with you because it is sooooooo not decorated. I am slowly making it a priority. Everything down there is left over and throw away pieces from our single days and early marriage time. The things I don’t want in our home go there. I want to completely redo it nicely, but right now the upstairs and main living area of our home is priority numero uno.  I have to say the coffee table is a place I change up quite a bit. I “shop” around my house and add or take away things.

Where is the place you change things up a lot in your home?


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  1. I am visiting from IBA, Welcome!!! and have shared your post to Twitter today. if you would like to retweet. Also I have a WW would love to have you stop by and join in.

  2. I change around my computer desktop a lot does that count? It is in the house some times.

  3. Im stopping back by to say thank you, twice, for the mention that you have shared on your post that you visited and for your visit, I appreciate that.

    For the color of your new addition, what about a soft turquoise with a wash of off white that would match the curtains? I dont know, just suggesting. It really does look nice the way it is. 🙂

    Enjoy your week!!!

    • You are sow sweet. I am always for turquoise, but with a wash of off white sounds really nice. I have not committed to anything yet. I go back and forth so I know I am no where near painting it yet. Thank you for the idea, I always forget about washing the color out.

  4. What a fantastic deal and it looks really good too. You did well!

    If you have a minute to spare I'd be thrilled if you could share your post at my weekly Say G'Day Saturday linky party. It has just started and this would be a fabulous addition.

    Best wishes for a wonderful week.
    Natasha in Oz

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