horoscope and colors

So this is a little different, I am trying to entertain you all. I came across an article about your astrological sign and which colors and decor style pertain to that. I thought I would share it all with you. I found the article at She Knows, written by Jana Randall. I am not someone who goes by horoscopes and signs completely. But it is freakishly spot on with my personality. I am a Virgo and I do feel that we get a bad rap as neurotic, controlling, and perfectionist. I am a soft and sweet person too. Peruse your sign and others you know.

How did they get your sign and decor color? I would say it is pretty spot on for me. I don’t do a ton of navy blue, I do use a lot of blue with neutrals as an undertone. I mix statement and soft. Too much of one is never a good thing. Overall I thought it was a fairly good take on myself, and also people I know with their astrological signs and home decor. This post and opinions on the astrology signs are brought you to by She Knows. Yes I just old school Sesame Street-ed this post. You know what I mean…. “today was brought to you by the letter B and the number 6.” Taken it back, wayyy back. Ok then, let me know what you thought. How spot on or off this advice and predictions are for your sign and your decor.


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