I am starting something new here, one picture with the word home as the title. It means just that, I will share one picture a week that to me captures the essence of home. My home, or just a home in general. It is the place memories are made, you relax, can be un guarded you. My absolute favorite place. So for the first addition of home I am sharing a snapshot I took of my daughter yesterday. She was quietly reading in the corner, and it is Nora to perfection. My little book worm. In her haven, reading, and being at home.

Do you have a moment, spot or picture that says “home” to you?




  1. Oh that is so me, just not the floor I can't so that any more. I nice chair in my living room a nice book and my glasses.

  2. for me it is the kitchen I love to cook.

  3. Every where because you designed it. also the garage a bit and one day an office.

  4. I am not the biggest cook around here. But I know many people who say the kitchen is the heart of the home. I always enjoy hearing what you have to say! Have a great day!

  5. Our wood stove means home to me!

    I love the picture of your daughter reading. And what a cute little dress!

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