Hippie Tom and The serendipity farm

Hippie Tom and The serendipity farm


**Here is one of the things we made with the reclaimed wood from here, an industrial console table**


Last weekend we went to a place called Serendipity farm, the Facebook page is here. It is located in the town we live in. Somehow I have never known about this. This is a travesty that I will be rectifying every time it is open now. It was amazing. The owners Hippie Tom and Sharon bought a farm in 1993, the farm was built in the 1850’s or so. It consists of a main house, a huge old barn, a working horse barn, a green house, and many other structures from a church to a old school house. The structures have been moved onto site. And are all filled with stuff. Some may call it junk, but it was amazing. Stacks of chairs that reached to the top of the very tall barn ceiling, wood planks, window panes, tables, church pews, a tub, bicycles, pianos, vases, pots, pottery, beams, lights, door knobs, coat hangers, scraps of metal, street signs, sinks, old pictures, books, maps, jars, canoes, oars…. It could go on and on.

need a mailbox?


this was one of the many buildings, all full of things


my kids in awe
wood reaching to the ceiling, at least 20 ft up

Serendipity farm is only open a few times a year, free admission. You can walk around, enjoy music, eat food and shop! Yes shop, as far as I could tell all was for sale. None of it had a price tag on it. See at the end of your haul you get to negotiate a price for your loot. Sometimes with the man of the hour Hippie Tom himself. There is a slew of eager people working there to help remove things, hold your goods until purchase. Hippie Tom is an amazing man, he has a long beard all grayed and he walked around in rolled up jeans and barefoot. He was awesome, he reminded me of guys I would see in San Diego just liven life on the beach, no care in the world. He was the celebrity to see here. He was so nice, talking to people, explaining things, helping to get things down for people, telling stories, and listening to other peoples stories.

I think my husband Dale enjoyed this just as much as me.
We are a match made in redo and reuse heaven


so many cute buildings



need an oar? There was a ton


just a statue hanging out in the grass
these little decorations were handmade by an artist

While I was there I was reminded of my Grandma, anytime she goes on a walk she almost always comes back home with something. She will bring back a chair, once carried a desk on her back. Things people threw out. She would redo them and either use them in our home or give it to others. Other times they just stayed in the rafters of our garage. She would have turned into Hippie Tom and Sharon had she had the space. I wish she would fly out here and see this. I am almost certain she would become a Hippie Tom groupie. I know for sure she would gladly get lost on the farm, never to be seen again and more then happy. Some people are just this way. But Sharon and Hippie Tom have found a way to make this their life, and to make others see their ways too. My Grandma used to recite this old poem written by Shel Silverstein anytime she brought something home, telling me there are others like her. Who knew I would turn into her?


this green house was full or water fountains and garden outdoor decor


hug time, they randomly hugged it out on the way to the green house


this is inside the green house


I wanted this so bad but it was huge, taller then me. My hubby said no 🙁


a ton of treasures


the old church, this was filled with religious things, church pews, crosses, pictures of Jesus


these were the door to the church, gorgeous.
My husband wanted to take it off of its hinges and bring it home

The farm was featured on American Pickers a few years ago. I am not too familiar with the show but the premise from what I understand is people go into farms, building, peoples homes who keep things like this, find things and purchase them. They then redo them and sell the newly improved item. Some it is truly a case of hoarders and I am sure they would need to be on that show too. But then others like Serendipity farm is amazing things. Useful things for people to redo and bring it back to its former glory or to take apart and redo into something better. Apparently Hippie Tom was a hit, and people go to just see him. This guy seems to be enjoying life. His wife is an artist and just as free spirited as him. They seem extremely devoted to each other which is adorable. I can only imagine the strain of all of this accumulation of things has done to them. But there seems to be an accidental opportunity for them. Their work, patience, and seeing things for what they can be has turned into a wonderful place, and I am sure quite lucrative now.


I was eyeing this work table


time for a roll down the hill, my kids did amazing here. If you don’t have kids that will listen to you don’t bring them. Also a stroller would not be a good idea here. Not a lot of places to push it.


these were all shovels


there was scrap wood everywhere


this whole seating area was in a house, gorgeous chairs


this did not work but it was sure pretty


just bikes hanging from the trees, you know usual stuff here 🙂

There was people lurking everywhere, in one back room of a large barn we came across a woman trying to carry a very large and beautiful wooden chest out of the barn. There was also another one searching for a certain kind of door. My husband and I helped her find what she was looking for. People were so happy to be there, armed with gloves and flashlights you just dug in. Moving things, inspecting, talking. Some giving their opinion on the find, helping someone figure out what to do with it. It was an amazing environment.

Nora and Caleb found their chairs, these were huge chairs


a hanging cage, new timeout spot for the kids?


this is a claw foot tub, I dont know how much you could clean it. But it was fully intact


I loved all of the randomness for the displayed things


I love this cabinet


just a little bit of pottery


another gorgeous piece of furniture I had to force myself to walk away from


look at those wood planks, the color was beautiful. This was another time I stood there debating on getting them,
I mean come on, wood planks….



where were these when we were replacing our door knobs? This was about 100 door knobs


a pirate ship, my boys went bananas over this

I am sure there was some who were overwhelmed, seeing the piles of wood, chairs, pictures, tables, old toys. What do you do with this, some would ask. But most it was a place to be with others. Who could imagine what a certain item could be, or leaving it exactly as it is because they saw the beauty in it. We were helped with our purchases to the car by a person working there. He was great he said “A lot of people don’t get it, but if you look around, take your time, open your mind you get it. It is no longer weird but pretty awesome.” I have to agree, it was awesome. We left with a pottery planter, a large piece of wood, (which I will share soon of what we did with it) two cute little bugs made from an artist from some kind of metal, and a sliding drawer we will be using for a future project. All for $40. Really we were expecting them to start the price a lot higher. I realized it is not about the money, it was about them sharing their things with others who will use it. Appreciate the story of the items, not throw it out. This is the place thrown out things want to end up. It gives them all a second chance of love. This was a gathering of like minded people coming together wanting to see something different. Maybe some wanted to see the weirdness of it, expecting a crazy gathering of people and junk. But most came to see a piece of something fun, magical and different. On the hunt for something for them, something no one else will have, a unique one of a kind piece. Most left with that and more.

a cute little wooden box


tons of handkerchiefs and napkins


ceiling lights!


I love this, I really should have gotten this


we explained this was an outhouse to our kids. And threatened to use this as our bathroom,
they were not amused


there was so much lurking everywhere



my head was going crazy with ideas for things I saw. Trying to find places in my home for it

I left with my pieces, some enjoyment with my kids and husband exploring. There was amazing buildings, gorgeous gardens to walk through, new items, painting, art, and handmade pieces to purchase. It was an amazing time. Oh and there were helicopter rides going on. My kids did leave a little disappointed because they did not get to ride in the helicopter. If you are ever in the area you should definitely check it out. His Facebook page will most likely keep you up to date on when the farm will be open again, you can visit that here. Come with room to take stuff home, wear shoes not sandals, flashlight, and cash. And an open mind to see what these things can be. Thinking outside of the box is the only way to go here. It turns the piles of junk into treasures. You just have to be looking. Talk to people, hear their stories, their plans for their finds. Many stopped us and asked what we were doing with our things, it is all interesting. And say hi to Hippie Tom, the nicest guy ever.

loved this wheel barrow


a huge water basin and kettle. In good condition


like I said so much wood. Reclaimed wood is so “in” right now


this was a great cart with wheels. Another thing I really, really wanted.
I was thinking an outdoor coffee table for our patio.


this pretty area was in their actual front yard, so relaxing


I wanted to get this for my husband Dale, I mean it literally had his name on it


a ton of glass vases and bottles


some world maps


a old room separator


Mason jars!!!!!


this great chest of drawers


there were so many great lights


there was so much to see


need a car? My boys, husband included spent a long time admiring this. My daughter Nora and I were
soooo ready to move on. But it was a car!


there was a ton of crates just sitting around, at Target these babies are expensive


a pile of wood, a BIG pile of wood.


this wood was in great shape. Great for a furniture or wood feature wall


this was just missing the sink basin


just a few street signs


more pottery, they were all gorgeous and super solid pieces


my boys got all excited when they saw the “huge treasure chests” Arrrrent they great?


a canoe, in a large enough room this could be turned into a pretty sizable book shelf. Or you know keep it old school and put in in your living room like Chandler and Joey. If you don’t know the reference I cry for you 😉


these were everywhere


I liked seeing things like this here. It did not take much imagination for someone to see the beauty in pottery. I felt like these would get anyone to look further for other things. This was the gateway drug of Serendipity farms, find pottery and see what else is lurking around


“Were going on a treasure hunt…”
Caleb thought these were awesome


a happy me


the piece of wood, being turned into something…..


I could not resist these little bugs, they now reside on my coffee table


this is some of what we purchased. The box like thing will be putting to use in a fun outdoor project I hope to share soon





  1. Great post. That was a very fun time. Next time no kids and more money.

  2. I agree on both points for next time. The kids did great but this way there is no rushing through. And more money for sure!

  3. This must have been a full day of treasure-hunting, judging from all those items in the place. Great photos!

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