“Hi ho, hi ho… its off to work we go…”

“Hi ho, hi ho… its off to work we go…”

And yes the title needs to be sung with the seven dwarfs in your mind. We are workin here this weekend at Our home. This sneak peek of a project is one of many going on simultaneously. By “sneak peek” I mean showing you the supplies we are using. I may or may not update you again with a bit more of this project. I am hoping it is done for my Monday project post. Nothing like the smell of fresh paint in my project pictures, cutting it close. Living on the edge!

Good old Rust-Oleum spray paint. I am using a gray and a black. For one project, I know craziness is happening all around us.

These galvanized steel pipes are being used as well. In this formation, for the most part. There is other pieces we are using in other places, yep lots of details here. This is one of two projects I am currently working on with these pipes. It is fun to get looks from the people at the Home improvement store when a chick in a sundress is buying these. Yeah I am that awesome. Totally manly here. Just making a cute little project to decorate my house. I feel like I let my tough self down when I am honest with what I am using these pipes for. I am not doing the usual galvanized pipe stuff with them. I don’t even know what that would be. I assume these are here for the purpose of creative DIYers because the bad boys are all over Pinterest right now. That is what they are made for, right?

Here is the whole loot for this project. Including the pieces of wood the pipes are sitting on. They are a wooden shelf taken apart. I am going to slice and dice them into some beautifulness. I am getting into this rustic wood with industrial feel to it stuff. But I am not going all rustic here. I still like a whole lot of white and turquoise which is SO not rustic or industrial. I soften it up.

What are you guys working on this weekend? Or not working on? I hope no matter what you are doing you take some time to enjoy the day, the warm weather (hopefully) and the people in your life. All work and no play makes for a not too fun weekend. Monday comes no matter how much fun you have. Make it worth your while.




  1. I did nothing this weekend I am glad you got some things done and love the guess what post it is fun. I just never got the time to post before now.

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