flowers, help me figure out what kind this is….

flowers, help me figure out what kind this is….

I know…. I know…. more flowers? I cannot get enough, and hey it is my blog. I promise I will stop with all of these flower pictures and move onto fall  leaves and then snow pictures eventually. For now I am enjoying my yard transforming one bloom at a time. I have no clue what these purple flowers are. I am hoping someone out there in the blogesphere can help me out? They look like they came out a of a Dr. Seuss book. I am pretty sure that not the case. But I would love to know what they are, they have come up every year in late spring. Gorgeous, purple, and all pretty.

Iris’s I know this one. These are so pretty too. These are super faithful and strong. I do nothing to them and they faithfully pop up every summer. I love it.

And lastly on this flower sharing day I am showing you some hydrangeas. Well tiny baby ones. If this hydrangea was pregnant and the fully bloomed flower was delivery I would say she is about 4 months pregnant. The bump is starting to show, she has now moved from the just chubby faze to “hey a baby bump”. Yes, I am talking about hypothetically pregnant flowers. Hey it is Thursday, and tomorrow is my daughter’s last day of school I can get a little weird. I am excited!




  1. Hello. I believe your purple flowers are allium. They sure are beautiful!

  2. Those purple flowers are really pretty. I love flowers too so don't worry about posting about them too frequently. 🙂

  3. Those allium are so pretty. I'm a bit of a flower fanatic myself!

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