fathers day!

fathers day!

There is a reason my kids are the luckiest ever. And it is because of their Daddy. He is the most fun, caring, loving, sweet, charming, amazing, and wonderful Daddy ever. I am so lucky to have found him. I know not all Dad’s do what he does. He truly puts us first all the time. He goes to work everyday for us. He is so patient and kind. I fall in love with him even more everyday. Just a little quick, mushy wonderfulness for my favorite person.

Like any girl growing up I thought of my future, my kids, the home I would live in, my job. I don’t recall putting too much thought into who I would share all of that with. Then as I got older I added in the image of my husband. The father of my children. I imagined an idea. A man, tall, handsome, loves me and my kids. Beyond that I had no idea. I know that the reality of who I have in my life, to share my family with is something I could have not dreamed up. I did not know dad’s like Dale existed. To see the love, the pride, the determination, patience, protection,  guidance, and enjoyment he has for our children is something I am in awe of. My kids and I are lucky to say that Dale meets and exceeds any expectations placed on his shoulders. When we started our family I knew he would be a good dad. But to see how he is as a Dad is something I am very lucky to see. I have a front row seat to the biggest and best love a Daddy could ever have for his children.

Love at first sight…
him an Nora
Caleb and Dale
a moment with newborn Gavin and big sister Nora


He is so patient with our kids, teaching them. Explaining anything they ask. There is no question he does not give a detailed answer to. He never says “because it is”. He is the fun loving and wonderful Dad. But he supports the goals we have for our family and our kids. We are a team and I am so lucky for that. I have seen many men, too many not be involved in their kids lives. Thinking that is the Moms job. Dale does not feel that way. It is our family, our kids. He has had the best moments with us all because he is always there, always present.



My boys want to grow up to be Daddy and Nora wants to marry him. Dale is the man that you dream of for your children to have as a role model. If my boys turn out like him I will be so proud. If Nora finds a man like her Daddy she will be one lucky woman. I know most say this, but he is the best. I am always saying he is my perfect. Not perfect, but perfect for me. I am amazed by the man he is and the brilliance of his mind. The way he is as a Dad and his love for our children blows me away. To know that he feels the same way for our children as I do bonds us like no other.





He jumps in with our kids, being their biggest playmate. Dale is always up for a good time when it comes to our kids. Some what of a serious person by nature our kids have brought the silly out in him. He glows when looking at our kids. I have had some moments completely blow me away when our kids have said something funny, or sweet. And we catch each others eyes, he gives me this smile that lets me know he gets it. At that moment the pride we have for our kids, the life we have created together, and the disbelief that this is us. He is the only person that can truly share and understand those moments with me.

He always has time for our kids, he does not know the phrase “just wait a minute”. He gives every moment to his children. I have learned from him to be in the moment, enjoy where we are. Not look to the future, what should be happening. To just go with it. We will end up somewhere, probably the place we should have been anyways.  His phrase is “It will work out, we will figure it out”.




So Dale, this is for you. I could write about Dad’s in general. But you are the reason today is special to our family. You are the reason I have these children, these moments, these memories. The love in my life is from you and because of you. Words are not enough for all that you do. You wake up so early in the morning so you can get home in the afternoon to be with the kids. You give your all to us and it is more then enough. I wish I could express truly what you mean to me, Nora, Caleb, and Gavin but I don’t think there would ever be enough I could say. I hope that I show you and remind you that I love you. That I appreciate you. I am in awe of you. I hope you know our kids idolize you, adore you, are proud to call you their Daddy. They love you. Thank you for being the best man for the job that is being Daddy to our kids. No one could do what you do, Happy Fathers day!



  1. Thank you. I try some times I succeed in being a great dad but many times I Derek that I fail. I am very happy that you are my wife and these are our kids. This life we have is pretty good and in the end we will figure out the rest. Love you and thank you.

  2. You are so sweet. You deserved a big reminder on why you are awesome!

  3. wow such an amazing dad, those are some lucky little ones you have there.

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