daughter bedroom reveal

daughter bedroom reveal

How was everyone’s weekend? Did you help make the Daddy’s in your life feel loved and special? We had a busy weekend here at our home. On Saturday we went to a water park, and Sunday was spent with family and enjoying my husband. So because of the packed weekend I have no project to share with you all. We were so busy and not home that I started the dishwasher on Friday night, and it just got emptied Sunday evening. We were not home for one meal all weekend. Like I said, fun but busy weekend. But I do have something special to share that has been a long time coming. My daughter Nora’s bedroom is done! It has been 6 months in the making but it is done. She loves it, and I know I did good because anytime someone comes to visit us she has to show them her room.


Before I show you the full reveal I will show you what it looked like before.


There is some elements we kept the same in here, the theme of butterflies, bees, and other bug creatures.
I also kept her bedspread, bed, and desk the same. Her desk went though a full makeover, you can read about that here
Notice the white walls? and the dark trim? Those were the first to go. We painted all of the trim in our house white so Nora’s bedroom was going to be no different. For her bedroom Nora wanted pink, pink, and more pink! I am all for giving her what she wants in her room, but I also know she will not be 6 and in love with pink forever. So I asked what her next go to color. And green it was. She chose this green and I thought it would be a great subtle, soft, but still colorful color. The color is Pittsburgh Ultra, Whispering pine. It appears a sage green.
these letters are a tradition, all three of my kids have them. I painted them when I was pregnant.
I have such a soft spot for them

She also requested a four poster bed, but since her bed is still in great shape and only a few years old I was put to the task of making her dream come true of having her bed encased in curtains. I have a full tutorial on a previous post here. The results were so cute, and something I would have loved to have when I was a little girl.




The curtains are attached very sturdy and have been up for a few months. We have had no snags, rips, tears, or anything. And it has not been for a lack of trying.

The canvas with butterflies is something Nora and I did together, full tutorial is here

The wicker chair was redone and painted by myself, full tutorial is of course here for your perusal.

 There butterflies were made by my husband and I, the one on top he made in elementary school. I painted the bottom one in high school. I like adding personal touches to a space.

The plethora of food and dishes are hidden in baskets under her bed. Usable but not seen!

This dresser was a old dresser from my Husbands Grandma. We painted it white and updated the hardware.





her beloved Monkey



I got this lamp and lamp shade from Goodwill. It was perfect for her room. I love when things work out when it comes to decorating.



this was made by my mother in law. I selected the quote and this hangs on her door.




The floor lamp and curtains were purchased at Goodwill too. The curtains were still closed and in it packaging. They are originally from Pottery Barn. Can we say awesome find?

The glass hurricanes were made my myself, if you want to see how easy it was click here. Nora calls them her pet butterfly’s. They are so sweet and add a bit of a whimsical flare to her room.





In the drawers is where we keep a lot of her small toys. They are organized and stay that way…. oh… 10% of the time. The other 90% is it all crammed in two drawers until I come and inspect it. Then the reorganization begins.


This is where her toys are kept. She informed me in the middle of this room redo that she was too grown up to have toys at all in her room. This was my compromise. She still plays with them quite often but I guess feels more grown up with them hidden. I remember putting my barbies in my closet when I was in middle school because I was embarrassed I still played with them. But I was in MIDDLE SCHOOL. Nora is 6, she still has a lot of childhood left.

Her bed spread was made for us by my husband’s Aunt Nancy. I selected the material and she made it. Nora loves the circles and the colors. When this was made her favorite colors were pink, green, brown, and white. This had all of them in them. Proud Mommy moment because I made this happen. With some help from a very talented Aunt.

My Grandma used to say this to me when she tucked me in. When I was pregnant with Nora I came across this and had to have it. I will be a little sad when the time comes and she will not want it in her room anymore.


I drew these bug pictures and framed them when I was planning her baby nursery. I was wanting to replace them with something better. But Nora and my husband put their foot down. Ganged up on me and insisted I keep them. It is Nora’s room so if she wants them she gets to keep them. I cringe at the fact that they look like something a child did when I am a grown women. But they do fit in her room very well.




She is in love with her reading area. This is Nora to a T. Her head in a book.






And that is her room reveal. It is sweet, fun, functional, pretty, unique, and thought out. Just like my Nora. She is a force to be reckoned with, but is a big sweet softy at heart. She has informed me that I made her room almost the way she wants it. She wants a swing hanging from the ceiling and a tree painted on her wall by the swing to make it look like the swing is on the tree. But otherwise… nailed it!



  1. Such a cute room. Thanks for letting us see it complete.

  2. oh so cute love the pops of pink and it is such a bright pink that is just really makes the room look amazing and complete.

  3. Just perfect for a little girl to feel like a princess! Thanks for joining Merry Mondays!

  4. Very cute! I don't have girls but this makes me a wee bit jealous of decorating for them.
    Marie @ In Our Happy Place

  5. This is a completely adorable room, Emily. I can see how hard you all must have worked to make it just right! Thanks for sharing with us a t Snickerdoodle! 🙂

  6. love the bed and butterflies 🙂 coincidentally my granddaughters fav colors right now are pink and green!

  7. So sweet! Love the little green chair with pink legs…so cute! Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY…

  8. Perfect for a princess! So cute! Pinned! Thanks for stopping by our party last week! We are tickled to have you. Please come and party with us tonight at 7 pm. Happy Monday! Lou Lou Girls

  9. How did you get the curtains to stay up to the ceiling? What did you use to make this? It’s very beautiful!

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